Last 48 hours- I can’t make this stuff up

I guess  when I last left off he had issues at school on Tuesday.  Wednesday he did really well.  I called and spoke to the therapist assigned to the room and we had a very good conversation.  I have only interacted with her once before (the day of the pep rally) but she seems to “get it”.

She told me that he talked about the death of my grandmother in group that day.  I wasn’t aware that they had group but I of course think that is great.  She told me she works 1:1 with the other kids and asked permission to work with him 1:1.  I said of course and then we discussed the interactions with the teacher.  I can’t go in to details but it seems that will be handled.

I was so excited and looked forward to him having a great day on Thursday.  Thursday morning he woke up and then started moaning and writhing in pain about his stomach.  Since then the last 48 hours have been pretty eventful and could probably be about 10 blog posts but I will just give you the highlights.

Thursday I knew he was sick because he wasn’t even trying to play video games.  He also kept asking me for hugs and wanting me near him.  He was pretty cute at times and at one point told me he had pop tart jelly in his hair.  He showed me where it was and how it clumped his hair together in front and told me it was a new hair style and giggled.  That was funny but I cleaned it up.

I had to physically go to work for part of the day but my husband was home for part of the day.  He was home alone for maybe 2 hours.  When I got home he was whining because he wanted to play video games and could I help him to the other room.  He has a futon in there and he laid on it moaning.  I asked if he wanted me to change it into a bed for him.  He said “it turns into a bed?” voice full of wonder.  Yes, that is the point.  I swear we told him that before but whatever I had him get up and I converted it into a bed so he could lay down and play video games.  He exclaimed “It’s like magic!”  That clearly made his day although he still was only able to play video games for about 10 minutes.  He stayed in there to watch TV.  That night he did not sleep well and it is really just a blur at this point.  Now it was also headaches and head cold symptoms.

Friday he woke up with a low grade temp.  My son has been known to spike really high temps and once needed IV fluids for dehydration.  So his temp needs monitored pretty closely.  My husband was off and I really needed to go to work since my husband was going to be home with him.  My job is very hectic and I have that Director title that just mostly means deal with one crisis after another all day long.  They all seem to find me when I work from home but it is better for me to actually be at work.

Friday was eventful all around.  Before I start yes I know my husband could have a diagnosis or two.  Sometimes he is more receptive to help than others.  Sometimes he has bad days.  He clearly wasn’t coping well on Friday.  Sigh.

Before leaving I made sure my son was settled.  While in his “other room” I noticed that Hawaiian punch had been spilled on the floor at some point.  I put down a towel and told my husband.  He asked when it was spilled.  I said I guess last night and he freaked why didn’t I tell him night before.  I was like I just saw it.  Who cares, if so worried about it get up & clean it.  He said he would but then started babbling about how it won’t come clean just like the hallway.  For like the 10th time he didn’t spill Hawaiian punch in the hallway.  He puked it up all down the hallway while trying to get to the bathroom.  Yeah, that never came clean but now we have a pretty throw rug runner down the hallway so no worries.

Because my son has already missed so many days he needed to go to the doctors to get an excuse.  Also getting checked over isn’t a horrible thing.  It is hard to know when things are serious with him because of his sensory issues.  Nothing can cause him pain and then something that is something serious may cause him hardly any pain.

I called the office first thing and got an appt for at 2:30.  I tried to call my husband and his phone was off.  I finally get my son on the phone at 11 am and then my husband called me.  All seemed okay.

At 1:30 I text him to make sure he remembered the appt because memory is a big issue for my husband.  He text back:  “won’t take bath… can u check ATT website tv and internet not working.”

I am on the phone with somebody dealing with you guessed it, a crisis, and I don’t have time for this.

I text back “Don’t care if he takes bath or not.  Just has to get dressed.  Will figure out ATT in a bit”

Seriously why did he think he needs a bath?  He actually took a shower on Wednesday and he always refuses to bathe when sick because he says it feels slimy.  It is a doctor appt why does he need a bath?  Guessing my husband was having an OCD moment?  Whatever.

At 3PM I had a conference call scheduled that I had been trying to get scheduled for at least a month & I really needed to have this call.  My cell rings at close to 3.  My husband is in a complete panic that my son was “dramatizing” at the appt and now they think he has appendicitis and going for X-rays.  I can hear my son saying “no I wasn’t” and “I am sorry”.  I wanted to reach through the phone and choke my husband.  I was telling him to calm down and tried to remind him that he gets x-rays all the time for his “dramatizing”.  I mean seriously he once had a spinal tap because he made such a big deal over a headache.  An x-ray of the abdomen is NOTHING.  Take him for the x-ray and shut up.

So now I just want to leave work.  I know logically he can handle getting the actual x-ray.  My son is very good about following directions for that stuff and I know logically that it will take a while to get a read so it is just a matter of waiting.  Okay so now to blow through the conference call & try to keep calm.

I was out by 3:30 and called my husband.  He says they are on their way home.  “What about x-ray?”  He says “we got it done” AND?  He says “I don’t know, they didn’t say.”  Again if I could choke him through the phone…  So I called the office.  The receptionist said the notes aren’t dictated yet but she assured me the doctor would call as soon as they had results.

I go home to wait because when they call I need to be with him to deal with it.  After about an hour the doctor calls and tells me that they did the x-ray and he isn’t constipated and he probably has a stomach virus.  Constipated?  He does have a history of this but what about appendicitis?   The doctor said that wasn’t what they were checking for and reviewed with me what she told my husband was that if he had certain symptoms or got worse would need to go to the hospital over the weekend to get checked for appendicitis.  She never thought he had or said he had based on his presentation.  Now I am home and can really choke him.

I tell my husband and tried not to choke him.  He apologized and said he was just freaking out.  I go talk to my son to say just a stomach virus and explain his dad is just anxious and it wasn’t him.  He seems okay with everything.

We all ate dinner and then we were able to relax.  We only had issues at bedtime because he wasn’t feeling well and could not relax to go to bed.  He refused to even take his medications.  I slept on his floor for a while until he was settled and finally took his sleeping pill.  He woke up multiple times during the night for Tylenol and I really don’t remember what else.  Just know I am really tired today.  And not prepared for whatever adventure comes my way today.

Oh right dealing with cable company today.  Super fun.  No internet or cable at the moment but have a wonderful iPhone that he set up for me to use on 3G last night.  Thank goodness for my own in house IT support!   And this morning I remembered I have a broadband wireless thing for when I travel so using it for a few this morning because I was going through laptop withdrawal!  LOL


  1. I feel your pain! My son woke up at 4:30 am for the day. It’s only 11:00 am and it feels like it should be tine for bed!

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