Tale of the Cat Hat

Tale of the Cat Hat

For Christmas I usually say that I want nothing for christmas. My husband always harasses me and goes out and buys something anyways so I thought of a few things to ask for. I think I asked for 3 small things and there are now 6 gifts under the tree.

One of the things I asked for was a hat. Not just any hat,  but one of the knitted animal hats 🙂 In particular I wanted a cat and I showed him some online.

The other night we were going out and I made the comment that I would love to have a hat to wear.  He got all excited and said I should open a present. He hands me one and I rip open the paper because I love Christmas!  And I am super excited for this cat hat.


After I rip the paper off he he says “I hope it is the right one” … So I hand him the box to open. He cuts all the tape look in the box, laughs and says “oh crap”

I say nevermind, i will just wait till Christmas. He says “No, no,” and dives under the tree. He hands me another box but tells me to take the paper of carefully so he can reuse it.  Really?  that takes all of the fun out of it.


After that one wasn’t it I let him open the next gift.


By this time we are both laughing at the insanity of this whole thing.  What were we thinking, he has serious memory issues (neurologist still testing, whatever) so of course he can’t remember which box is the hat.

He finally opens the right one and then hands me the box and says “Merry Christmas.  I look in the box.

“This isn’t a cat” I am now howling with laughter on the verge of tears.

“What are you talking about? it is a cat.” “the lady said it was a cat”

“Seriously, does our cat have long ears? It’s a bunny”


I had to put it on to go show our son because I know he hates these kind of hats. He sees me and says “NO.” and goes back to you tube.

I say “Dad says it’s a cat”

He snorts and mutters “dumbass” I laugh out loud. (for any parents of NTs this was actually a good, funny thing because he called someone a name as a joke & it helps him understand when someone calls him a name as a joke)

My husband is now coming up the stairs saying “hey what animal do you think that is.  I inform him of what my son said and my husband laughs and says darn it.  My son then yells “are you animal blind?”

LOL I am wearing that hat every single day! I love it!!

And the best part is that when I shake my head the ears flop around.  And when I went out today everyone laughed at/with me?  Who cares, it brightened peoples day!

And I did finally get a cat hat:


Thanks Flub!!


  1. You got a great husband in there. Laughter is one of the best gift of all. 🙂
    Merry Christmas.
    I am your new follower from the Find New Friends Weekend Bloghop. 🙂

  2. Your story is hilarious and the way you tell it has me laughing out loud. My son (11 year old with Autism) is wondering what all my fuss is about. I truly understand life with loved ones on the spectrum can be…just when you gear up for something “romantic” you find yourself enjoying something you could never have dreamed up on your own. Enjoy your holidays…and your very nice hat:o)

  3. I almost forgot to tell you…I am your new follower via Blog Hop Weekend!

  4. Are you animal blind? That is hilarious.

    • Thank you everyone for stopping by 🙂 he is really funny. I am not sure why people say aspies and autistics dont have a sense of humor. Sometimes jokes need to be explained but he definitely has a sense of humor!

      As soon as I get the laptop from him (one is broken again!) I will stop by all of your blogs!

  5. Hello! Dropping by on the ‘Find Friends’ Hop. 🙂 Check out my site sometime if you get a chance.


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