2011 Newsletter

2011 Newsletter

With 2011 almost ending I thought about writing a post summarizing the year.  In follow up to my Happy Holidays post @LaurieMit commented on twitter can you imagine an autism newsletter?  Well here is mine…

Dear Family and Friends

Hard to believe that 2011 is almost over.  It has been a year of many changes and accomplishments for our family.

As you know our son is gifted in music and has been quite accomplished by getting into area youth orchestras.  We have been so proud of him and have done everything to encourage him.  He is currently taking a break after having a major meltdown at a rehearsal.  Maybe some day he will go back to being in the groups that he used to love so much.

Soon after the meltdown he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.  Please do not say that “you are sorry”.  He is still the same child and now at least we all know what he has and what he needs help with.  At first he struggled with having this diagnosis but he has quickly moved to acceptance.  I hope that you will to.

Our son was very sickly this year which probably contributed to his issues in the youth orchestra since it is hard to play an instrument when sick.  In the summer he had his tonsils out which was quite an ordeal for him with his sensory issues. He would not let anyone else take care of him and it was very difficult to figure out what he needed a lot of times, even for me.  Luckily my employer allowed me to work from home for a couple of weeks!

Our son started High School this year at the public high school.  He started out in the mainstream classrooms but quickly he asked to be taken out of the mainstream classrooms.  He doesn’t eat in the cafeteria and he avoids all pep rallies.   We are quite proud of him for advocating for himself and working to control his environment so that he can have a successful high school experience.

He continues to do very well academically when he is able to attend.  He received Student of the Month in Math.  He also received a 3.4 the first quarter.  We are very proud of him as we know how difficult it is for him to focus in school sometimes.  The high school has been very good and responsive to his needs but sometimes it is not enough.

Our son has really grown up to be very tall and very broad shouldered.  Clothing is constantly an issue related to his sensory issues, his growing, and his chewing.  He chews holes in his shirts on a regular basis!  With his growth spurt he is now to big to sleep on our floor so the good thing is that now he sleeps in his own room.  This is a huge accomplishment for him.  Now if he would just start sleeping through the night that would be great!

Although I must admit he does make me laugh, even in the middle of the night! Just the other night he came in at 2 AM to tell me that he couldn’t sleep.  He said he was too excited because of Christmas.  As if this wasn’t cute enough when I told him to leave he laid down at the foot of the bed and said “I am Fido” and giggled.  For those of you who don’t remember Fido was our dog that passed away a couple of years ago.  He is so creative, I guess he thought if he said he was the dog I would let him lay at the foot of the bed.

This year we have made some new friends.  His psychologist left private practice so we have spent the year looking for a new psychologist but this has not worked out very well. We have also switched providers to manage his medications.  I have met many new people this way.  The other new friend I made is at our insurance company.  Many of the services have been self pay and I have been trying to get reimbursed for my out of pocket expenses.  This has not worked out very well either but I am now very close to one customer service representative!

Our son has also made a lot of good friends through his online gaming.  They all seem to get along really well.  I had a little chuckle a couple of weeks ago.  When one of them was playing Christmas music it started to upset my son.  My son was doing a great job of politely asking his friend to turn the music off.  I asked my son to try to relax about it so he quit asking.  As soon as he quit asking another friend started asking for the music to be turned off.  LOL, maybe his other friend was an Aspie too!

I try to get out some but it is difficult for me.  I am always running around or trying to manage his care, either medically, or at the school.  I spend a lot of time trying to help him with his concerns.  I know I have tried to explain these things in the past but I never felt like anyone understood.  I always felt so alone in the past.

The biggest thing that I have done this year is I started this little blog.  I hope that the blog helps others in some way.  Even if it just helps others to not feel alone that is good.  It sure helps me feel that I am not alone.  I have met the best people through the blog, on facebook, and on twitter.  So between finally knowing he has Asperger’s and meeting all of these wonderful people this has truly been the best year ever!

Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays) and I hope that you all have a healthy and happy New Year!



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  1. @lauriemit says:

    Well done!! Maybe you will start a new trend!
    Autism reality year end newsletters!!

  2. Um….I THINK I linked up my post, although it was written at a different point during the year…

  3. love your newsletter! what sorts of games does your son play online? my husband (aspbergers too) does a lot of gaming online as well. i think it’s an easy way for guys on the spectrum to communicate/have friends. plus, it’s great hand/eye coordination! 🙂

    • My son plays MineCraft on the PC. He also plays Kingdoms at War on iPHone, think on PC too. He has a PS3 that he plays various games online. He used to like to play call of duty online but he would get upset so he stopped playing that online on his own. Some of the other first shooter games stress him out too but then he is getting better at telling people he is starting to get stressed. I agree I think it teaches them great eye/hand coordination and gives them a chance to have friends. And in my son’s case it has been helping him with self regulation and realizing when he needs to take a break or remove himself from a situation.


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