Awesome Blog- Londinium

Awesome Blog- Londinium

As I have said before I started this blog after reading other blogs.  I enjoy reading other blogs for many reasons.  Each one has a different story, a different piece that I can relate to.  There are honestly so many other blogs out there that I get overwhelmed sometimes.  And then sometimes I don’t look at other blogs when I should because I get overwhelmed.

So I decided this year I would take a systematic approach at finding and reading new blogs.  I thought that seemed like a more realistic New Year’s Resolution than losing weight.  I mean I thought about that one but then I found myself in the Ben & Jerry’s section of the grocery store- FORGET IT!

I already follow a lot of great people on twitter so at least once a month I will go look at one of their blogs that I haven’t already looked at yet. Or maybe haven’t looked at in a while and share some of the great stuff I find.  Or maybe I will share more often, or maybe I will find other blogs from their blogs.  The possibilities are really endless!  See it can be overwhelming!

This issue was actually brought to my attention by Steph Diorio.  She was talking about her art on Twitter and I thought, “art?, what art?”  I was slightly embarrassed that I had never seen her art so I went to look at her wonderful art!

She is really talented!  And all I had known before is that she was great to follow on twitter.  First of all Steph is a really cool Aspie that I got to know at the #DrunkAspieParty 🙂  I would tell you more but what happens at the party stays at the party (although it is all on twitter, and some on YouTube…fun times!)


I was so pleased that I went to look at her blogs.  Here is her Tumbler page with all the info.  She has multiple art blogs and she clearly loves to write and draw.  Her art is wonderful and so is her writing.

My favorite blog of hers is Londonium but please check out the others, especially if you are a baseball fan.  Her description: “Londinium is a story she is writing about two people and their friends set in 1863 London. There is banking intrigue and class conflict and all that good stuff. And a murder or two, of course. Historians are by their nature violent people, or at the very least enjoy to write about violence because it means people actually read what they write because it’s interesting.”

I can’t wait for the book because the blog is really interesting and I love the artwork!  Of course I am jealous of anyone that can draw.

Dustin Thatcher discussing classical music. by Steph Diorio

On the blog she shares pictures of the characters and also writes about the times the story is set in.  Maybe I find this blog and artwork so interesting because my son is so interested in history.  My son is also very interested in music so I also really enjoyed her recent post on Classical Music.

I hope you will find her blog as interesting as I did!


  1. Now you’re being far, far too kind to me! I’m glad you’re excited about the book, though – I’ve been working on it for seven years! (I hope other people are excited about it, too!)

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