Getting Ready for New School

Getting Ready for New School

I have spent this week working through all of the paperwork and finally have him enrolled in K12 virtual academy. It was a whole process and I had lots of questions. I had to speak to multiple people at the virtual academy and it has been quite a whirlwind since we didn’t really plan ahead and now it was all kind of rush, rush, rush.

It started out as a whole issue because my son withdrew before the quarter ended. Always better to wait till the end of the quarter to transfer but it is not my fault that they put winter break in the middle of a quarter.

At one point it was being discussed that he may need to take mid year exams. That was not going to go well so I am glad that was finally resolved. So now he is enrolled and will start on January 23rd. He has all of his classes that he was going to have at high school minus social skills, plus some image editing computer class.

As always it has been interesting to talk to him about this new change and see how he interacts with us about it. When I brought up taking video game design classes he got irritated with me. But when I discussed other electives he asked “what about the game ones?’ So we enrolled him in the one related class he could be in. I also explained to him that he will need to take gym in the fall and they explained that he would have physical activity to do.  He pouted there would not be games with other kids.  I promised him we would figure something out although he hated gym class so I was really surprised this was an issue.   The one elective he wants to take is German. He has always been obsessed with foreign languages so it will be interesting to see how he likes a high school foreign language class.

I asked him what he wanted for school and all he asked for was a cooling fan for the laptop. I thought that was a very good idea. We intend to keep him on a routine as if he was still in school, just starting later. In fact he has asked multiple times for a schedule. I spent the weekend getting his room together as a mini class room. This actually helped decrease my anxiety. Can’t wait to get started to see how this goes!!



  1. I wish you both the best. Praying it goes well for him.

  2. Good luck! It sounds like this is (so far, at least) going well. I hope it works out for you.

  3. good luck!

  4. thatgirl815 says:

    Please keep us updated, I’m really interested to see how this works out for him!!!

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