This week- #BuyGirlScoutCookies #teamamelia & #prayingforTrippRoth

I have always been a very emotional person and I have always noticed that my mood is affected by what is going on around me.  This is more difficult sometimes than others to control.  This is one of the bad weeks.  I am not sure if it is hormonal or just been bombarded all week with bad stuff.

Here is just some of the bad stuff in case you would like to go read about how horrible this world is:

1)  Treatment of Gays and Transgenders

I dated my boyfriend in high school for about 5 years and we were even engaged at one point.  I got to know his family really well as I spent a lot of time over at his house.  His mother was very religious and people from the church were at the house quite frequently.

I won’t mention what religion it was but they were very cult like and very strict conservatives on everything.  His mom would make all of us come out to talk to the people from the church which we mocked by making sure we were under the influence of something every single time.

My boyfriend’s older brother was very quiet and never around.  He seemed very “straightlaced” so I assumed that is why he was never around us not so “straightlaced” kids.  When he graduated college he moved to Las Vegas for a job opportunity.  So when we went on a trip to Vegas we made sure to see him while we were there.  He took us to a LBGT bar and we met all of his new friends.  His brother was gay and knew his mother would NEVER accept him so he moved across country where he would be free to be himself.  That has always made me sad.  Of course I am happy he found happiness but he had to live a lie for years and then move across the country.

In the news this week I read about a suicide related to not being accepted by anyone and it really hits home for me.  Unfortunately this suicide is far from the only one that has occured recently.  The bullying must stop.  Especially by parents!!!  Love and Accept your kids!!

And then this story also really upset me.  Some girl scout is asking for people to boycott girls scout cookie sales because they let a transgender join a troop. I say good for you Girl Scouts & I will be buying even more cookies this year!!  So everyone buy cookies!!

2) Mental Retardation means no transplant WTF?

This is so wrong!  Where is the cut off?  If my son has Asperger’s would he be denied a transplant? Or because he has a high IQ it would be okay?  That is complete bullshit especially when we all know the IQ tests are not accurate anyways.  This is so upsetting please go read this story about how Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is denying a transplant.  It could be my kid, it could be your kid.  Here is the petition, please spread this information far and wide. On Twitter #teamamelia for updates.

3) Tripp Roth

I introduced some of you to Tripp previously.  If you didn’t see that post please go watch this angel play the drums.  The latest update is that he is declining fast.  This saddens me so deeply.  I don’t know why but I think and pray for Tripp and his family often.  I just can’t imagine the strength that his mother has.  God bless Tripp and his whole family.  Please go read the update and provide your support on her blog.  Also pray or whatever you believe in doing.

My apologies for such a sad post but it has been a really sad week for the world and it is affecting me deeply. And there was more!  Maybe I should go back to not reading the news.

UPDATE- Tripp Roth passed away today 1/14/2012.  RIP little guy I am sure you are playing the drums with Elmo!


  1. I share your emotions about all three stories. Sometimes we need a break. I have been taking that break recently and it has helped. It sometimes gives us the strength to return so we can be effective again. I signed a petition for Amelia. Moonlit Lily has the link posted on her blog.

    Hugs my friend.


  1. […] Here is info on the Girl Scout Cookie boycott and my feelings of why this issue bothers me so much. Also in case you weren’t aware there is also a boycott on Starbucks for being in support of homosexuals. SWEET now I can feel like I am advocating for a good cause while woofing down my thin mints and drinking my lattes. When I think how I shouldn’t drink yet another latte I can counter with “no, I must have another for human rights!” Thank you! […]

  2. […] I wanted to scream at them- some of my closest friends are gay and I have a long history of being supportive.  It kills me to know a company gave money to support anti-gay movements & was so open about […]

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