Sleep Schedule- not so much

He has not had school this week because it was exam week at the new school so it made sense for him to start the new semester next week.  Which by the way I received his report card and he received an A in Science and Social Skills, a C in language Arts and Bs in everything else.  He received comments about average effort, poor attitude and excessive absences.  I appreciate that they cut off his grades when we unofficially withdrew him yet gave him completed grades but really were the comment necessary?  We know he wasn’t doing well this quarter because he was struggling.  Prior to the Pep rally incident and the issues that followed he had comments of “excellent effort”.  Whatever, moving on!

I attempted to have him start the routine this week that he will follow next week.  We discussed that 10 AM would be a good time for him to start school everyday since it is not too early in the morning.  This was our week (I take melatonin and he takes high dose of Trazadone):

Saturday and Sunday are a blur but I know we were not sleeping at night but whatever.  I do remember he woke up at 10 PM Sunday night and wanted food so I fed him.  On skype he posted “Keep waking up 10 PM IDK Y”  He was still awake Monday when I went to work.  Monday morning was chaotic because the ice maker broke.

Silly me, I thought oh well that is just a luxury anyways.  Right, except he drinks tons of water and only out of the filter thing on freezer and only with tons of ice out of the ice dispenser.  So of course had to order part right away.


He slept during the day and then woke me up that night at 3:30 AM to tell me that he is nocturnal.  Awesome, I told him I agreed.  Later I discovered he also messaged on skype “I need nocturnal friends.”  I keep trying to get him to join twitter.  I bet he would get a lot of followers!!


He was still awake when I left for work.  He told me he wished he could sleep at night.  So I told him to stay up all day so he could sleep at night.  He actually did this and went to bed at 11 PM at night.


He slept all night as I so very excitedly posted on facebook because I slept through the night too.  Unfortunately he slept all day and woke up at 4PM.  (oops)

I went to bed at 11 PM, he wasn’t ready for bed so told him to take pills before bed.

I woke up at 2 AM (either from him coming up stairs or the war that was occuring in my bed between 2 of the cats).  So I put his cat in his room & give him his pills.  Back to bed for me.


He woke up at 11:30 AM and went to bed at around midnight. (getting close)


I woke up at like 2:30 in AM on my own, can’t blame him, he was asleep.  He was awake when I went to work but ended up taking a nap for most of the day.  He did go to bed around 11 PM.


I woke up just before he did and discovered him laying upside down in bed.  Whatever, he was sleeping but that wasn’t how he was when I checked on him at 1 AM.  He woke up at 9 AM and is still up in the afternoon.  Maybe just maybe we will have a somewhat normal schedule going in to the week!

I am staying home on Monday so that we can both attend orientation for the new school 🙂

P.S.  if you haven’t read it yet, please go check out my recent guest post “Brilliant Snowflake” at SPD Blogger Network. Thanks!!

P.S.S. (and thank you everyone who is RT and signing petition, more info here if you are like WTH is she talking about)


  1. All the best for you next week 🙂

  2. My brother (who has Aspergers’ though is still in mid-diagnosis phase) spent a week where his body seemed to operate on a 36 hour clock.

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