Sheldon starts Online School

Sheldon starts Online School

Since I blog anonymously I have always referred to my son as just “my son”. Some bloggers create ingenious alias names for their kids but I never have but I really think it is time.

Online school started on Monday and I have so much to tell you but we are still getting into the groove and figuring out what type of assistance I need to provide for him. More on that in another post but I would like to provide some of the highlights from the week.

On Monday it was mostly orientation but they want all 9th graders to take some type of standardized test to assess their level in Math and Reading. He decided to take Math on Monday. Since it was online it was adaptive and became harder or easier depending on how he answered questions. Since he is really good in Math it kept getting harder. I know the test had been explained to him but in his quest to be perfect in Math he started getting more upset. I tried to reinforce that it was not for a grade but he still became more upset which resulted in this:


Since he is a big kid it really doesn’t take much to put a hole in the wall and he didn’t seem nearly as upset as the meltdown the other day. In fact after he put the hole in the wall he immediately became upset with himself and said “Great Dad’s gonna kill me!” I assured him his father would not kill him although I was a little afraid myself. He became upset and said “no school could school him”. Sigh

I emailed his adviser and case manager and they both assured me that he had time to take the test and could take it over the next couple of weeks. I went and explained that to him and the fact that it was supposed to get harder and it was not for a grade. He calmed down and finished the test. He even started the reading test that night!

Tuesday he attended his classes and then on Wednesday he said he needed a day off. I just went to work and told my husband to leave him alone. On his own he got up and started working on his classes. He attended the classes and then came downstairs dressed and asked my husband to take him to the aquarium. Did you read that? HE DRESSED HIMSELF & ASKED HIS DAD TO TAKE HIM TO THE AQUARIUM. My husband about fell out of his chair but of course jumped at the chance to take him somewhere. Actually that was the second time this week that he asked to go somewhere. He has been more places this week then when he attended the regular school.

That night he told me he attended all but two classes but did not do the work in Geometry. When I asked him about his work in Geometry he said he was confused. Oh crap.

On Thursday he said he needed the day off. I left him alone and then later on that evening he told me that he has to take notes during class. Ah. So I decided to go into the Geometry lesson and listen/watch myself and figure out if there are notes online that I could print out or what I could ask the teacher to provide before the class. As I listened/watched I noticed that she gave the assignment for the first section and then kept going. I hear her then say my son’s first name and say “oh, you need the assignment, ok.” She puts the assignment on the screen and then tells my son to hurry up because she needs to move on. No, she couldn’t have just told him to hurry up. GRRR.

I immediately email and ask the case manager for all power points, notes, and assignments to be provided before the class. So aggravated but the semester just started and we are going to work through what supports he needs in this environment. And the good news is he is telling me what he needs. He is really trying, he is being honest about work he has completed and so far he has been pretty cooperative when I have tried to help him. We will see as this goes forward but I have high hopes.

At home I can figure out the stumbling blocks and work with him. I don’t have anyone calling me to complain about how he is refusing to do work and me explaining for the 1 millionth time that if he is refusing there is a reason. He has hit a roadblock and yes I know he doesn’t always communicate well but really if you would take the time you would figure out what it is. Yelling at him or punishing him does not give you the answer. Now the teachers don’t know he is refusing, I have the time to figure it out and get him moving again without incident.

On Friday I received an email with his results from the Math and Reading standardized tests. He was in the 98-99 percentile. The case manager told me he received the highest score she has ever seen. Of course he did. I text my son to tell him his results of the two tests.

His response: “I’m not at all surprised by the Math”

I live with Sheldon.  I think I shall call him that from here on!




  1. 2 things.
    1. Love the alias
    2. I’m glad that this seems to be working out better for you guys thus far. Hope it continues to be good.

  2. My son is 5 and already and I am thinking of homeschool. As marvelous as his teachers are, the environment stresses him incredibly.

    I give you a high five for the aquarium request. When I keep my son out of school, he has more mental energy to pursue activities I consider beneficial.

    I will be following your progress with interest. Good luck to you.

  3. We have been thinking about this for our son, who is in 5th grade. He’s increasingly having trouble staying in control at school, becoming very aggressive, etc etc. You know the drill, I’m sure.

    You are in Ohio, yes? We’re in Cincinnati… I will eagerly be following your son’s experiences …

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