We Will Get Through it Together

The morning I realized he wasn’t going to go back to the brick and mortar school I told him we would figure it out and we will get through it together.  I was scared and I knew it would possibly require more work on my part.  I expect there will be bad days and I expect there will be assignments that won’t be done.  I expected the issues from when he attended school would be the same at home it would just be all on me.

I know it is only the first week but so far this is working really well for us.

I can only say how High School is at K12.com.  We are provided with calendar of work for each class.  I am not sure the needs of NT parents/children but in our house it goes like this:

I get all of the calendars and completely panic, take deep breaths and dive in.  Through some trial and error we discovered that it works best if I list everything for the day: Course connects, “quizzes”, reading and labs. I put times in and he will follow the schedule exactly.  When he comes to an item on the schedule that he doesn’t understand he plays video games (or whatever) until it is time for the next item.

My experience is that he always enjoys learning and always really tries.  I get it that in a regular class they have many kids and they are trying to keep them all on task.  Historically teachers didn’t always understand that he needed time, or understand how much time he needed, or what help he needed.  They would try to prod him along when they felt he should be ready or berate him because they felt the assignment was easy and would tell me he was refusing to just refuse.  I guess I understand why they wondered, he is so incredibly intelligent how could he need help?  However if they understood Aspergers maybe they would understand.

This week for example he kept avoiding the quizzes.  He was honest and told me he didn’t do them.  Finally it occurred to me that he was intimidated by the word “quiz”.  I explained they were only 3 points and he said “Oh, like a mini quiz”.  I sat with him over the weekend and did most of the quizzes that he missed.  He couldn’t believe how quick and easy they were.  Now that he has done the quizzes in particular classes he can probably do them on his own in those classes this week.

This week I know a little better how to do the schedule.  I can arrange to be home for the items he may need help with.  Or I can just write those items in the schedule for when I will be home. If something isn’t completed I can put it on the schedule the next day or for when I can work with him.  In the evening or weekend, it doesn’t matter.

He has to complete the work and there are deadlines.  However the school seems to give extended deadlines in general.  We did get some emails inquiring about an assignment that was due and just asking if he needed help.  When he doesn’t do the assignment right after the lecture he is not viewed as refusing to comply.   As long as he meets deadlines or we communicate if there are issues we are okay.

They encourage attendance at the course connects and so far he has attended most of them.  When he won’t wake up I leave him alone.  Sometimes he starts when he gets up, sometimes he starts when I get home.  If he needs a day off I will give it to him.

This week we have some firsts that we will be working through.  He has a science lab and I hope that will be fun.  I plan to be home for that course connect and completing the lab.  He also has some tests this Friday.  If he doesn’t complete them I guess we will be spending our weekend on them.

Whatever happens this week, this semester, or any time, we will work through it together.


  1. quirkyandlaughing says:

    This is so cool! I’ve been considering homeschool for a while & look forward to following your journey. I think it can be such a great solution for Aspie kids.

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