Fun with Science at 3AM!

Fun with Science at 3AM!

So the great thing about doing online school is that it can be done at any time, day, evenings, weekends, or 3 AM! He has been having a really bad week with sleeping again which has made school work difficult this week. I have been trying to work with him and understand when he is tired and not able to work.

Sometimes I get stressed and worried about getting the work done but if I get like that too much it probably won’t end well with him. I think I may finally be at a place where I can relax and work with him when he is able to work and let him relax. Before anyone says anything about routines I agree and I set a routine but if he is sleeping during the routine time it doesn’t work so well. Or when he isn’t getting good sleep there really isn’t a lot of quality work and educating that may go on. Sometimes I may have to catch him at odd times.

I came home from work the one day to attend science class with him because I knew they would be doing a lab that day. The class reviewed the lab and then we were to complete the lab after the class time. He fell asleep before the class ended. This kind of made me chuckle since I spent many of hours sleeping during class when I was in high school. Shockingly I never got suspended but once I did have a teacher pick up the corner of my desk and let it slam back down just enough to wake me up. Ah good times…

Anyways I decided to let my son sleep because, well, why not? That was about 2 PM. I went on about my day and he was still sleeping when I went to bed.

1:31 (I know this because he later told me what time it was precisely, thank you very much)

“Good morning Mom!” It really didn’t feel like morning. I told him to go do the rest of his school work from the day and come and get me if he needed help.

I couldn’t sleep because I knew the stuff he needed to do he would need me for. He will only attend classes without me but will not do any work without me “just in case”. For those of you following me on twitter you know that I have been trying to figure out why. Well now we have the answer, he finally told me tonight “just in case”. Which is fine really because I am supposed to help him and I am happy to help him with any of this in any way that I can.

So anyways I finally get up and discuss with him about doing homework. We were quite productive between the hours of 2 AM and dear lord I have lost my mind AM. He did some quizzes and we wrote the last of those silly (sorry teachers) introduction papers. And somewhere in there we did this:




It was a lab to compare how temperature effects the viscosity of honey. It was actually a rather simple lab for all of you homeschoolers out there. Cooled & heated honey packets to various temps 0, 10, 20, 40, 70 and then started at same place on cookie sheet or tray. Tip the tray to same angle for each temp for 30 seconds and record how far each one went.


I had a moment of clarity that night right before I lost my mind. We set up for the lab and he immediately went and sat on the couch. I said “no, you need to come over and do the lab”. He was holding a can of pringles sniffing one of the pringles shaking his head saying “honey”. OHHHHH the smell. “No worries, here you can have fun operating the stop watch and record the data.” He nodded head and off we went. What if he had been in regular school. Would he have moved away from the lab? Would the teacher scolded him? Would he have admitted in front of everyone that the smell was toxic to him? Would the teacher have forced the issue? These were the type of things that would cause “insubordination”, “non-compliance”, “behavior issues”.

See, Rusty agrees “it does smell! purrs”  (sorry pic isn’t clear I was really tired!)


Yep we are doing the right thing. Even if at 7 AM he convinced me it was night time and asked me to make him cookies. And of course I made them because he did such a good job on all of his school work even if it was not the most ideal time!


  1. OMGosh you’re the best! He is one very blessed boy!


  1. […] him when I can.  Whenever that is, although since I have had medical issues I try to avoid the 3 AM school sessions.  Anyways, the exam was multiple choice.  One of the questions was a phrase in German […]

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