I hate to shop for myself because it is so stressful with all of the choices! My husband took me shopping last week for clothes because he likes to pick out clothes and I really needed them. He is a great guy! However he keeps harassing me about my shoes.

Sigh, I was in desperate need for new black boots but the stress of going kept me wearing my crocs. Yep, I said it, I wore crocs ALL THE TIME. It had to end. I decided I was ready to go this weekend when I read this.

If you don’t want to click on the link it is about JCPenney having Ellen as their spokesperson and getting heat about it from Million Moms because oh no, she is GAY!! The horror!  This is one of many recent campaigns against homosexuals. I just don’t support that type of discrimination.  I am completely opposed to it!

Here is info on the Girl Scout Cookie boycott and my feelings of why this issue bothers me so much. Also in case you weren’t aware there is also a boycott on Starbucks for being in support of homosexuals. SWEET now I can feel like I am advocating for a good cause while woofing down my thin mints and drinking my lattes. When I think how I shouldn’t drink yet another latte I can counter with “no, I must have another for human rights!” Thank you!

So now to shop for my boots to show my support for JCPenney and Ellen and tell the boycotting groups that no I do not agree!!


There were lots of choices:


But I found a pair:


And since I liked them so much I bought a black pair and a brown pair:


(and yes that is rusty's tail to the left above the boots!)

So thank you JCPenney for supporting Ellen. There really shouldn’t be a question or an issue. Sexual orientation should never be the basis of discrimination.  For a group to call for a boycott against a company for not discriminating is just wrong.  There are no good reasons to discriminate against anyone, except for maybe being a bigot.

I am happily supporting JCPenney and wearing my boots for a good cause.


  1. Did they have their new price setup? Curious to know how much cheaper it is.

  2. I love the boots! And I love supporting good causes, too. I think my 2006 boots need to go to boot heaven! 🙂

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