Thank you Chuck Lorre

Big Bang Theory is one of our favorite shows because we all relate so well to all of the characters.  My son especially relates to Sheldon in so many ways.  My son is brilliant but struggles with interactions with others.  Like Sheldon he needs to be told what social conventions are.  Sheldon makes him feel okay about needing these explanations.

Sheldon on Big Bang Theory helps my son feel okay about a lot of his quirkiness.  Everyone loves Sheldon, his quirkiness and all.  My son had no interest in wearing name brand name clothes but didn’t want to be made fun of.  When we discovered Sheldon that issue was solved.  He felt very comfortable wearing green lantern and super Man shirts and thanks to Big Bang Theory that was cool.

My Sheldon has always had anxiety about fitting in.  This anxiety was always the worst in gym class.  His behaviors were always worse in gym class or right after.  It was so awful we had to get a medical excuse to get him excluded in Middle School.  I was never good in gym either but I just endured it and just complained a lot.

I can imagine that not doing well in gym would be more difficult for a boy when physical activity is something boys are historically judged for.  Also my son has always seemed to want to play sports.  God bless him he tried but it never ended well.  Even if he was able to perform the physical activity the sensory nightmare that was created was far too intense for him.

This has always caused an internal struggle for him and it has been very sad to watch over the years.  And then last night he got to see that it is okay.  We all laughed as we have never laughed before.

Thank you for helping us embrace our quirkiness and laugh at ourselves.



  1. My son had a hard time in gym. I homeschool him for 1/2 days, so luckily he no longer has to attend. We don’t have cable/tv connection, except Netflix. I’ll have to look for it on dvd — the show. Thanks, Sam

    • The show is definitely worth finding to watch! We are doing online school and we have gym next year. Whatever he has to do it won’t be in a room full of his peers which I am so thankful for!!

      • Just as an anecdote, one of the best workouts I ever got was learning how to juggle. It appealed to my aspie mind because its all about patterns and repetition. I had to bend down to pick up the balls that I had dropped (which happens *all the time*, especially when you’re learning), and it’s a great arm workout. Plus you have to stand up and keep good posture while you’re doing it. And if he likes it, there’s endless possibilities and ways to improve. I can now juggle 5 balls! And after 10-20 minutes of juggling, I’m definitely sweating and have earned my “workout”.

        It’s a great individual sport that provides a full-body workout. And it’s good mind exercise as well. 🙂 And on top of that, he’ll have a party trick that people look up to and respect. I highly recommend it.

  2. I LOVE The Big Bang Theory, for many of the same reasons. I joke to my friends, that, like Sheldon, I need a “Sarcasm Sign”. And Sheldon has definitely been a good way to explain my difficulties. I’m actually just about to sit down and watch last night’s episode on CBS… 🙂 And I own all 4 prior seasons on DVD (and will own Season 5 when it comes out) <–Nerd? I think so. And proud of it. 🙂

    • And now, after having watched that episode – That was particularly amazing. I was so bad at basketball, and I used to play “run-away-from-the-ball-y-ball” during volleyball class. One memorable quarter in high school, I was one of 3 girls in a 50 person volleyball gym class, thus the only girl on my team. I think I touched the ball exactly once – every time it came near me, I ran away because it was safer than getting converged on by 4 very large guys (I am a small woman). The irony? I must’ve been really good at it – the teacher gave me an A+.

  3. We saw that episode – and we laughed SO hard too!! My son has the same social, um – barriers as Sheldon. In fact he looks like him. When I got his school picture up I held it up to a picture in a magazine (of Sheldon) and thought, well, huh. That’s about right! I know it is a character, but I am thankful that we are raising these kids with someone they can look at and see themselves in, and that the general public watch these super smart, quirky people on TV. Maybe it’s a mother’s hope, but I like to believe it is playing a small part in paving the way to acceptance for our kids.

    • I like to believe that it helps people understand too! And I know what you mean, even though it is a fictional character it is someone our kids can look up to!!
      Thanks for sharing how the show helps your son too.

  4. I was just about to look up BBT to see if the latest episode is online yet 😀 I Love this show too.
    On a semi-related note, I chose the name Jack when I began my transition partially because of how deeply I identify with Captain Jack Harkness on Torchwood…it is amazing how much difference a fictional character can make in the life of a person with Aspergers.
    On another semi-related note, did you see last week’s Parenthood, where Max didn’t want to participate in gym class? They got Aspergers spot on this time I thought.

    • Thanks for stopping by, I am glad you enjoy the show too. I have not watched Torchwood but now I will have to go check it out! Yes it is wonderful how these shows can have such a wonderful influence.

      I did not watch parenthood. I try to watch it but I usually only watch TV when my husband is home and he doesn’t like the show. I think it hits too close to home but unlike Big Bang it tackles the serious side of it and I think it upsets him. Anyways someone sent me this link with an article about the show. I was more bothered by the comments about how Asperger’s shouldn’t be used as an excuse and about pushing the child to do things. I went on a sort of mini rant in the comments but I think I did okay. I was just trying to point out that it should really be evaluated what the child can and can’t cope with and to pick battles. One year my son couldn’t do PE, another year he could and then another year he couldn’t again. It just needs to be carefully evaluated to pick when to push a child and when it is okay to just get the excuse. IMHO

  5. quirkyandlaughing says:

    I SO have to DVT this show!


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