Sleep is Boring

Sleep is Boring

It is never boring in my house.  Well I guess that isn’t true because sometimes Sheldon is playing video games or sleeping and for once I don’t need to do anything and the house will be still.  I love those moments, if my husband is home he says “I am bored”.  I want to choke him when he says that.

I guess it is because he sleeps through most of the chaos.  Lucky him.

Not even sure where to start.  I believe we stayed up rather late on Saturday and I watched him take his pills around 11 PM.  I then went to bed and was woken up at 4:30AM Sunday morning.  I never know if he only slept a few hours or just stayed up even though he took his sleeping pill.  (remember the Neurologist says he is on too strong of a sleeping pill HAHAHA)

Sheldon says he slept and is just now getting up for the day.  Whatever I try to go back to sleep.  Around 6AM I hear him go back to his room.  At some point I look in on him and he is sound asleep.  Most of Sunday day is a blur.  I didn’t feel good and ended up taking a nap.  A nap!!  Somehow I got grocery shopping done and then the evening was back in our routine.

This week we are doing school work late afternoon/early evening because he isn’t playing Minecraft with friends.  Whatever.  We get a lot accomplished Sunday so when he was done before 8 I decided we could be done for the night.  It was a “good TV night” so I figured we could have a good evening.

Sheldon chose not to watch Amazing Race with us even though it is one of his favorite shows.  I think he needed time to himself after school.  I approached him again when we decided to watch Celebrity Apprentice around 10:30 PM and he ended up coming in to watch it with us.  For some reason he really enjoys this show.

He recognized some of the men, especially George Takai even though I am not sure that he has ever watched Star Trek.  Maybe I should get him some DVDs, otherwise he may lose his Aspie diagnosis just for not watching Star Trek (HAHAHA I think I really need sleep).

Sheldon did not recognize any of the female players although he did find it interesting that a mob boss’s daughter was on there.  He found many of the jokes around that very amusing.  He was clearly paying attention to the titles of the women to figure out who they were though.

One of the contestants is (or was) Miss Universe.  This seriously got Sheldon going about how she isn’t really Miss Universe she is Miss Earth.  Every time she came on the screen he would get aggravated about how there are other planets that could have life and she is just Miss Earth.  I really had no argument to that so I just had to agree with him!

After the show ended I tried to get him to take his meds but he was really resistant.  Finally we figured out he wanted to go play Mass Effect 2.  He is currently obsessed with that game because Mass Effect 3 is coming out soon and it was a whole thing the other day we figured out he never downloaded a comic and had to restart Mass Effect 2.  He must finish blah blah blah before he can play Mass Effect 3.  My husband and I both realized this really wasn’t worth fighting over.  He had slept most of the day and if he wanted to stay up later we would just let him.  Sometimes when he does this he either just falls asleep or takes his meds during the night and goes to sleep.  He has a pill container with just the days meds in it now that his sleep schedule has been so messed up.

We go to bed and he goes off to complete his mission.  At 4AM I am awakened when I kick a man sitting at the foot of my bed.  This scares the crap out of me until I notice the huge man is wearing a blanket.  Right, the “man” is my son who actually apologized for scaring me.

It is amazing how instantly awake I become in times like this.  I ask him if he took his pills.

“No, I don’t want to”

Sigh “Why not?”

His response “Sleep is boring”

Oh geez I find it boring too but my body rebels when I don’t get any.  We had to leave the bedroom to finish this conversation.  I eventually convince him to sleep.  I think it was when I suggested we do homework since he would be too tired later.  I had to feed him, give him his pills and his cat and he finally fell asleep.

I decided to stay home from work because I still wasn’t feeling well and I certainly wouldn’t be getting enough sleep to feel better.

All of this prompted my tweets at 4:30 AM

#youmightbeanautismparentif u have to convince ur teenage #aspie that sleep is necessary at 4 AM when u kick him bc sitting foot of ur bed

#youmightbeanautismparentif u r thankful for this community to finally know that this crazy shit happens at other houses, not just urs

And seriously I mean that.  I used to think “only in my house” and feel so alone.  I don’t feel alone anymore.  My life is not boring even if sleep is boring and highly overrated.


  1. I love that! Ms. Earth! Hope you got some rest today.

  2. Alas, Neo!

    The winter months are the worst, with sickness everywhere. Feeling the slightest bit unwell just makes me more obssesive. More obssesive, means more likely to be messing around with Tumblr at odd hours.

    I feel for Sheldon. Sleeping feels like I am missing something. It took the exhaustion of middle-aged motherhood to finally get me in bed before midnight.

    I wish you a speedy recovery.

    • Thank you for so many things, including calling me neo :)! I don’t ever yell at him for it and I try to be understanding. I always had problems sleeping. I am the same way but as you said- middle aged, motherhood, working, I need my sleep!! I still need to take pills to sleep but if I don’t sleep I pay dearly for it.

  3. Loved the post, actually read your blog for the first time cause I felt identified, I´m a selfdiagnosed ADHD psychologist and work with kids in the autism spectrum in Argentina… All of my life I had sleeping problems because I feel I´m wasting my time while I sleept… had so many better things to do after work that sleeping takes all the fun … nowadays found a way to relax and sleep well… I had a jacuzzi installed at home, so after two hours reading and using the phone in the water get to bed relaxed 🙂 .

  4. Enjoyed this post! My granddaughter is only 7 but she would agree with Sheldon about Ms Earth. 😀 She plays minecraft but is obsessed with her Kirby games on the Wii. I often find her by my bed at odd hours. Usually she is scared. Either by a dream or a noise. She loves it when I sleep (lay) on the floor by her bed. It comforts her so I do it. My 50+ year old bones don’t love it but I would walk through fire for her so I’m happy to do it. Right now we use melatonin to help with her sleep issues and usually it’s effective. Sheldon’s comment that “sleep is boring”, sounds exactly like something she would say.~~ I really love this special needs online community!

  5. quirkyandlaughing says:

    Sleep is boring – oy! Poor you! I sure get what you mean about feeling less alone. This internet is a miraculous thing.

    That whole thing about Miss Universe used to drive me bonkers when I was a kid, too. Seriously, how stupid.

  6. Love this post! (I realize I’m a bit late to the game, but oh well 🙂 ) I hope that in the past month you have had bountiful nights of sleep; but realistically I hope that you have been able to get SOME sleep and secure a schedule.

    Do Sheldon’s sleep patterns change when the seasons change?

    • I don’t see any difference with weather changes. He has been doing better for about 4 days now back on a reward chart and schedule. Think it is newest post on my blog “I am on a schedule”. He still gets up at night (so do I) but we are getting more sleep over all:)

      Thanks for stopping by!

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