Posting my Shame for @jillsmo

Posting my Shame for @jillsmo

Jill Smo started a link up for our shame over at Yeah. Good Times after realizing how wonderful her car looked. We have all experienced this. We try to keep our houses clean but we are busy with so many other things the cleaning is sometimes at the bottom of the list.

Luckily for me my husband has OCD so he is always trying very hard to keep our house clean. Last week my husband was so kind and even cleaned out my car for me! Which is really a shame because when I showed him Jill’s picture he laughed out loud that it was nothing.

So I realized I needed to show my shame. We have one room that does not get cleaned as often as it should. Our son is 14 and doesn’t particularly like us in his room, especially not to clean.

When he does leave his room and one of is able to we go in and quickly clean as much as possible. Today I was able to take these pics:

Pretty bad!! (notice the cat toys to the left- they LOVE his room)


The one below is really bad.  I wasn’t going to post it but Jill told me to.  How can I say no to her?

So here it is, I would be so ashamed for someone to walk in my house and see this:



The funny thing is he wouldn’t let me clean this but he let me take a pic when I explained why.  🙂

Because I am not Shameless I have to add that he went into his other room to play PS3 today and we hurried up and cleaned it all up!!! It does not look this right now. But I am sure it will by tomorrow!


  1. That is AWESOMELY shameful!!!

  2. Neo! Bless you for sharing!

    I am so shamefully OCD that everything looks uncomfortably tidy!
    for example:

    But please don’t ask me to cook, I’m too busy arranging the silverware! 🙂

  3. You brave soul! I have been avoiding my kitchen all day. My husband is out of town for five days, so I figure I have a good 100 hours still. : )

  4. Oh, that second shot is art. It should be in a big coffee table book called “Teenager” and then the prints could travel as a museum show. I love it, but I wouldn’t want to smell it. Also love the detail that he wouldn’t let you clean but would consent to the photo.

    • The garbage doesn’t smell, but it is overpowered by the smell of him. Teenage boy = not good smell!!
      He is quite fascinated by the blog 🙂 He is always happy that I share stuff about him.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. LOL!!! That is SPECTACULAR!!! Love the chips bags, underwear and dirty plate…you know it wasn’t staged…this stuff can’t BE staged! Thanks so much for sharing with us all 🙂

  6. Oh that is so near and dear to my heart! The difference with our Mr. 14 is that he doesn’t concentrate his mess in one space, but sprinkles it freely in everyone’s living space!

  7. LOL, this has to be one of my most favourite posts of 2012! My son’s room is almost identical, particularly the side of his bed which is strewn with ‘stuff’ and a fan. Then there is his eldest sister’s bedroom which is probably worse; I can’t see the floor for clothes. I do have a massive clean when they let me in but my son loves his mess and hates the ‘change’ that a clean bedroom gives. Sigh. Deb

  8. LOL looks like my husbands room when he was still a teenager living at home. Boys are feral. Thankfully they mostly grow into men who are slightly less feral.


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