School Tragedy

There are so many good things about homeschooling (or in our case online school).  Yes it is a lot of work but when I think of all the work I used to do when he was in school… I think I may have less to do now.

Also it is less stressful in so many ways.  I don’t have to worry about getting “the call”.  For us “the call” was a wide variety of things- he was crying, he hit someone, he flipped a desk over, he was threatening himself or someone else.  It always made my heart stop.

Today somebody sent me this link:

Chardon High School article.

I about threw up.  I watched the live feed today at work during lunch.  This is such a horrible tragedy.   This is very close to where I live. I have been to this town many times, it is a nice town. I even have family that lives there.  I am not aware of any family members that were affected but that doesn’t matter.  It felt too close for comfort.

I am praying for the victims.  I am also praying for the child that felt this was the only way to handle it.  This news article references that the suspect had been bullied.  Such a horrible tragedy all around.  I can’t imagine getting this call.  Either as a victim or as the mom of the suspect that had finally snapped.

I am going to go hug my child and be thankful that I can school him at home.


  1. I hear you loud and clear, Neo. With an autistic son, I think of both sides of the tradegy. Heartbreaking. I wish you peace and rest.


  2. I homeschooled fulltime for two years, and now my son goes to school three hours a day. One class, one teacher, mainstreamed. Even that is so much stress on me and my child. We will be reevaluating next year. I think Attwood said: Middle School kids are not positive role models for social skills. The “phone call” — I would also add the “e-mail.” Thanks.

  3. quirkyandlaughing says:

    I found myself keep coming back to this story. I keep wondering, what happened that made that young kid crack? It’ tragic in a million ways. Truthfully, it made me think about homeschooling again (for the umpteenth time – I’ve been considering it for a while). I think some kids just need that extra protection & nurturing before they’re let loose in the real world.

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