Beanie Ballz for Sensory

Beanie Ballz for Sensory

I have some other more serious posts in the que but I need to have a fun one thrown in there every once in a while! So yesterday I stumbled upon yet another conversation on twitter about a parent saying “I hate autism”. I can’t go there in this post but here is a great post on that topic that also reminded me that I have been meaning to write about Beanie Balls!

Notice the cute picture of Oliver lining up his beanie balls. I know, no more beanie babies! Really!! Okay but wait, hear me out.

I went to the gift shop at work one day and my co worker and I were just drawn to these things. My co-worker’s daughter is two so she of course bought one. Once I picked one up I could not put it down. I then thought well maybe my son would like one. He really likes to play catch and has a few rubber balls in house (pick so everyone has mind in right place- LOL) that we use to play catch with. More than a few things get knocked down with these but we just kind of go with it because he really likes to play catch.


My son has always loved stuffed animals so it made sense a ball that is a stuffed animal. Damn, again, why didn’t I think of that and invent them myself!! So I picked out the hamster because I thought he might like that one.

When I gave it to him I got one of those “really mom?” looks and he asked “why?” I told him I just thought he would like it. We named him Hamtaro from that cartoon that he used to watch.


Sheldon loves Hamtaro and plays with it all the time. He chews on the ears, he plays with the tag, he likes the feel of the fur. He almost always has his hands on it. He likes to toss it between his two hands as well. It seems to be a great sensory diet for him.

I thought he said he wanted another one. When I went back they had a different selection and this time I bought him a tiger. When I brought it home he said no he didn’t want another one. I decided to keep him in my room. He is the perfect size to put under my chin when I lay on my stomach. He is also the perfect size when I sleep to put between my arms 🙂 I like the feel of him a lot so I am actually quite glad to have him.

My Tiger’s name is Monaco because that is what his tag said and my son thought it was great that he was named after a country 🙂 I can’t show you a picture of Monaco because my son went to sleep in my room this morning and the first thing he grabbed was Monaco.

I am not getting paid to say this but I would recommend a beanie ball for anyone with any type of sensory diet need. We absolutely love them in our house, they are great!!

Update- Oh geez it is spelled with a z so I had to update the title from balls to ballz.  Shame on me!! Here is the link for everyone too  OMG there is a pink cat. Yep, I am buying more…


  1. Oh My God, I WANT ONE!!!! I LOVE stuffed animals. I have hundreds of them (294 to be exact) and they are my best friends, babies, etc. They are amazing. I try to not add more to my collection at too fast a clip, as they will fill up all available space, if I’m not careful, but stuffed animals are amazing. And those things look so cute!

    • I love stuffed animals too:) You should buy one, or a few. There are lots of cute animals!! I had to contain myself to not buy more but, well, I may end up with more. There are even different sizes 🙂

  2. I found one of these in the airport on my last trip and bought it for my middle son, who loves all things small, round, cute, and fluffy. It has not left his side since.

  3. So kind of you to link to my post and I’m glad you shared that the Beanie Balls are well-loved in your house too. I love that your son named the hamster Hamtaro – classic! Oliver calls them his animals and lines them up in the same order saying ‘A puppy, a ladybug, a monkey, a panda and a bumble bee too!’. He engages in some pretty neat pretend play with them, as well as transporting them places in his trucks. Funnily enough I actually asked their Grandmother to get them for Owen for Christmas for his bean bag toss game (part of his sensory diet) but Oliver just bonded with them at first sight.

  4. quirkyandlaughing says:

    These things would be a big hit in our house!


  1. […] a great day!!  Off to work now and to buy another Beanie Ballz! Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailStumbleUponRedditLinkedInDiggLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]

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