Low on Spoons Today

Low on Spoons Today

I feel very drained today. If you have never read the Spoon Theory I highly suggest you read it. It really does describe how it feels sometimes.  I am definitely feeling low on spoons today!

I have had a really busy and exhausting week (used lots of spoons!). This week at work I learned that when my assistant (more than my assistant, she really coordinates my world) will not be coming back to work for me after maternity leave. This was not her choice, if it was I would have hugged her (even though she knows I hate hugging) and been so happy for her to stay home with the baby. Nope the powers that be decided that her assistance was more needed elsewhere. I could go on and on about this but that isn’t want the post is about. Also at work a new boss is giving me crap about my hours. Not that I don’t work enough but that she wants to know what hours I am working. So I sent her an email telling her my hours and that I would no longer be working from home at all. I hope she read that the way I was intending. I hope she realizes she will now get less work from me. I was really angry but a good friend and co-worker helped me not go have a melt down in the boss’s office. Maybe it is the push that I need to go find something more fulfilling.

More fulfilling but definitely requiring spoons was planning a candlelight vigil for this Friday. Please see the event here on Facebook and also my recent post if you would like more information. I knew it would be a lot of work but I had contacted some local bloggers and they were interested in attending so I decided to jump off the cliff and organize it. Many times I have thought “what have I done?” since there were phone calls and details but I just kept going. I still have more to do but getting the venue and permit was a lot of work!

I am actually looking forward to gathering with other like minded folks. So if you know anyone in NorthEast Ohio that believes that no parent has a right to murder their child (differently abled or otherwise) please join us!!

Although I was worn out going into today I had some things that I had to do. For starters I had a hair appt this morning and I was having an issue with the fact that I could see gray hair in my roots. I don’t usually care about my appearance but I draw the line there!

And then there is the issue of my son’s room. I can’t get in there to clean it during the week. So by the weekend it usually looks pretty bad. I recently posted pictures of the shame for Jill Smo. Today it was not THAT bad but we did have some issues. Namely a couple of days ago I asked him why he was sleeping on top of multiple blankets. He sometimes puts one blanket down to cover the crumbs in his bed but this time he had like 3 blankets underneath him. I was scared to look under the blankets and yep I was right to be scared:




The room is clean now (well clean for him) and I really need a nap!

He said he wasn’t ready to do school work today and I am not really feeling up to it either. I think we may take the day off. I do hear him in there watching Pawn Stars so hopefully Chumley is doing a good job teaching him about history!!


  1. Work stress is hard. I’m sorry your assistant is not coming back to work with you 😦

    I do not like looking under my girls blankets and beds, they end up with some of the grossest things there.

  2. Whoa. I’ve never read the “spoon’s theory” before. Pure genius. I am glad you shared the link, because it is something I can use to explain how I feel with cognitive overload.

    I am very grateful that you started the vigil in your area (I posted on FB). I don’t envy you the work, yet it will be the sort of thing you can look back upon with deep satisfaction.

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