I am sorry

I am sorry that I am not the person that you want me to be.

I am sorry that I am only funny and talkative for short periods of time.

I am sorry that you think I am exclusive, aloof, or stuck up because I don’t ask you to go to lunch.

I am sorry that I do not know what to do when you put your hand on my arm when you are speaking to me.

I am sorry if I sometimes say the wrong thing.

I am sorry that you wanted to go out (to dinner, to a movie, to anything) and I made up a reason.  It wasn’t personal, I just couldn’t do it then.

I am sorry if I seemed like I would be more helpful. I said I would help and I intended to but then I became overwhelmed.

I am sorry that I seemed spacey when you were trying to talk to me.

I am sorry if I acted inappropriately.

I am sorry if I don’t express my emotions appropriately.

I am sorry if I have not been the friend, or wife that you want (need).

I am sorry that I can’t explain why I am this way.


  1. Do you like hugs? If so *hug*

  2. karenaspergersmom says:

    don’t be sorry for being who you are. those who love you accept that,

    • Thank you. They do accept me but, well I don’t know how to explain it . I know I don’t always respond in ways they may need me to. And I am sorry for that.

  3. You are who you are ~ if you need to apologize for those things, then you should see how long my list would be! Keep at it ~

  4. I have felt these ways myself many times, too. I apologize to people a lot. But mostly I have kept myself from people and situations that I think will put me into any one of the situations you listed above in your apologies. I am learning to accept myself more and more and to be better about certain things that I know I can work on and change so I am a little bit more “accessible” to the NTs, and even other ND folks in my life also. But I am know now that they have to accept me for me and learn to be understanding as well. It’s a two way street, so to speak. I’m extremely sensitive to many things and that is something people are just going to have to accept, and that I do not know what to do in ever situation and that I can’t go for hours like they can talking and doing this or that.

    I hope you are okay and that you are not feeling horribly down. I know it’s tough when you feel bad for doing something, especially when you realize other people are expecting something more. The best thing I have done is to write a personal letter to each person this has been experienced with (mostly immediate family and close friends) to say a little apology if need be, but to explain to them also what happened the best that I can and to ask for their acceptance and love as I give mine to them.

    Bright blessings to you,

    • Thank you so much. I am not horribly down. Just had an interaction yesterday where the person expressed sadness because thought I was upset with them. They know I am an Aspie but can’t ever completely understand. They were not mad at me but I just felt bad and it made me think of all the times it has happened. I just needed to get it out. I love this blog that I can get it out and all of you wonderful people provide such wonderful support. I am so grateful.

      I should try to write it out for them though. maybe that would work.

  5. This is so beautiful and exactly what I want to say to people in my like. Thank you so much, Neo.


  6. I know this feeling and have said these very phrases to people.

    Sometimes it is good to get this stuff out so you have clarity about how you truly process so you can articulate it to others. Possibly bringing a better understanding to them about you.

    Sometimes it doesn’t help me find words at all, but at least the feelings are out.

    I am not much of a hugger, I do fling love! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~There you go! 🙂

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