Talking about Blue Light Bulbs

As I say over on The Musings of a Marfan Mom, if the blue light bulbs do something for you, that is great.  I read a blog by a young autistic person who said that they thought the buildings lit up blue were beautiful (I agree) and felt honored by them.  Not sure I feel honored by them but I do think it was great they felt that way about them.  To read more on how I really feel go see my guest post.  Thanks!


  1. Yes, this comment looks a lot like the one I posted on Marfan Mum’s page. I am lazy, but I do agree with what you say. You say a lot of the things that cause me discomfort about Autism Awareness Day/Month. The connection to Autism Speaks and the politics of curism don’t lead to5t more services for families like mine. The awareness we need is that early intervention services are not available to many families. A light bulb does not cause any one to write a provincial politician to ask for reduced wait lists. The attention on blue reminds me of the pinkwashing that has come in for criticism around breast cancer. All in all, there is much to make some of us uncomfortable.

    • Thank you for stopping by & for sharing my post on facebook.

      It would be great if the campaign for April was to actually do something like write congress asking for forcing insurance companies to cover care for autistics or to petition departments of education asking for better trained staff- in special ed classrooms and in mainstream classrooms where a lot of children would thrive if they received the correct supports. just for starters 🙂 Now that would be a great campaign!

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