Friday the 13th

I hate Friday the 13th.  I am not extremely superstitious although my dad was.  Knowing what I know now I guess I would say it was a special interest of his.  He was fascinated by all different superstitions and supernatural occurrences.  I never really cared much for it all. Although I guess I do have some of my own superstitions.

I just bought a shirt for the school I applied to and am now worried that I jinxed myself.  I know that is not “logical thinking” but it is how I feel.  I keep trying to tell myself that it is a big college football school and everyone else in the state already owns a shirt from that school so it doesn’t matter. (TRUTH!! they are football crazy here!!)

Anyways I usually pay no attention to the fact that it is going to be Friday the 13th and then on Friday the 13th I notice.  I take a deep sigh, remember, and try to move on.  This year I heard about it for weeks.  Why?  Because my assistant (friend, since now no longer my assistant, so we will just call her Super B from now on) was due to have her baby on April 18th.  So in all the discussions of when she would have the baby, Friday the 13th would come up.   Super B would become upset because she absolutely did not want to have her kid on Friday the 13th.   She would always comment that bad things happen on Friday the 13th.

Yes unfortunately they do.  When I was 7 months pregnant with my son I was out of the office for work on a Friday the 13th.  The office paged me 911 a couple of times but back then I didn’t have a cell phone.  Because remember back then a cell phone was a luxury.  I was driving back to the office anyways so I figured I would just find out what they wanted when I got there.  They paged me often like that and that particular day there was a temp for the receptionist so who knew what it could be.

As soon as I walked in the receptionist ran up to me to tell me that my mom had been calling and she was really upset.  What!?!?  My mom doesn’t get upset easily.  (she had me as a kid remember, she had been through a lot & not much phased her).  And she sure as hell didn’t call my work.  That was one of my rules, not to ever call her at work.  Ever.  Because otherwise I would have called her with all kinds of stupid stuff because well you know.  Anyways her calling me multiple times upset was NOT GOOD.  In fact something horrible had to have happened.

I braced myself to call her back.  My grandparents were in their 70s and my grandfather had been showing signs of Alzheimers for a while.  So I was certain that something happened to one of them.  Which really sucked because my grandfather was REALLY excited about me having a baby.  Oh crap.  I called my mom.

Nothing could have prepared me for what she said:  “Your dad died” and then I don’t remember a whole lot.  I guess she cried.  I panicked.  I remember telling a co-worker that I had to leave and why.  I remember they would not let me drive which was pretty good on their part.  I got a ride from family.  I remember completely freaking out but not screaming just being tense everywhere.  And then I remembered the baby and blocked out all feelings.  It was all I could do.  I just walked around dazed and got through what I had to do.  I did my best to help my mom.  I know my dad wouldn’t have wanted us to be sad.  My mom joked that of course he died on Friday the 13th.  Yes of course he did.  His way even in the end.

So now almost 15 years later I couldn’t get away from the fact that it was another Friday the 13th.

This year I received a text at 3:15 AM from Super B that she was on her way to the hospital.  She said she text me because she figured I would be up.  I probably was but I didn’t check my phone until 5AM.  I text her back and she didn’t respond since she was a little busy.  Her wonderful, beautiful, healthy, baby boy was born at 6:38.

I drove to work and found a card on my desk from Super B.  A thank you card for organizing her baby shower.  I kept telling her not to write me a card as she had been stressed about getting all her cards done.  The card was wonderful.  She was quite impressed that I was able to organize the shower.  She also said many nice things about me and working with me.  It was a very emotional day all around.  But it was a great day.  We got to welcome a wonderful beautiful little guy into the world.  So now my Friday the 13ths will be a bit better from now on. 🙂


  1. I am so sorry about you father, but how ironic and wonderful to have a positive of the little guy’s birth to bring you a smile. Congratulations to Super B, and you for organizing the shower!

    Side note: I was NEVER allowed to call my mom at work either. For numerous reasons. 🙂 I’ve always been fond of Friday the 13th, black cats, stepping under ladders, running around inside the house with an umbrella, etc… I don’t know why, maybe I am just cantankerous. Is that the word? Oh, well I think it is a funny word to say so I will leave it. 🙂

  2. I like the flow of this post, very well written.

    I smiled as I read about your sometimes magical thinking, I have a dose of that too. I used to be in terror of doom if I found a penny tails side up.

    I’m glad your Friday was a good one. 🙂

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