Vote for positive blog!! (Babble)

Apparently once a year there is a voting process for the Top 30 Autism Blogs every year. I voted for one of my eFriends that has a great blog and didn’t think much of it.

Trigger warning- reference to negative info being written about autistics.

Until someone pointed out that the current leader is a blog where they discuss how horrible autism is. I try to stay out of the vaccine debate but maybe the top blog shouldn’t be so strongly advocating for vaccines being the cause or about how autistics need a cure. Just my opinion and if you are here reading my blog you may have a similar opinion 🙂 Just worried that a parent with a newly diagnosed child may end up on this site looking for information.

Please go here and vote for a positive or at least an accurate blog.

If you don’t recognize on the blogs please click on them and read the info. I don’t want to list any here because I have waaaaay too many friends on that list 🙂 (although some are on my blog role if you need some ideas 🙂 )



  1. Good to know! When I first learned about autism, the negative propaganda was damaging and discouraging. I will do my part in supporting positive blogs!

    Thank you Neo!

  2. I agree with you that we need positive depictions of autism, as well as talking about the spectrum of experiences and realities. I am pleased you wrote about the Babble vote.

  3. Thank you for this. It’s beautiful. I hadn’t really noticed the top blog – I skim it every day for blogs I like but haven’t voted for yet… Good to know, let’s support the positive ones 🙂 And be vocal about it. I wasn’t really campaigning for my own blog (though being in the top 25 is pretty cool right now), but I will happily campaign for positivity!

  4. I am not in a good frame to comment, sorry, it is not you. I did vote positive. I am disturbed at others I read– but wasn’t surprised.

    • 😦 is shame. Sorry i directed you there. Should have put in trigger warning – will do that now. So sorry.

      I get overwhelmed by the negative emotions sometimes but trying very hard to find balance of advocating & not getting overwhelmed. Some days I do better than others.

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