How an Aspie takes a Geometry Test

There are lots of benefits to online schooling.  One of them is that it can be done any time day or night.  This is great when your child has sleep issues.   This is not so great when the learning coach has a full time job.

I had been harassing my son for over a week to take his geometry test.  He wasn’t being entirely enthusiastic about taking it.  He has been having days where he is more cooperative than others.  He was shockingly being cooperative about his research paper in English.  Although I guess since his topic is the Atomic Bomb it is much more interesting to him.

I know a lot of his issues with being cooperative are related to his sleep issues.  I try to be understanding but it has been kind of aggravating.  He says that he wants to sleep at night but then he doesn’t help his cause by refusing to put the laptop away at a certain time.  Yes I have tried to take it from him and that didn’t end well.  I would link the post for you but I am really too damn tired at the moment.

Anyways enough rambling background information last night at 2:30 AM he wakes me up.  Not by coming to ask me for something or even looking for his cat.  He is yelling.  Now this does cause me to panic because yelling isn’t always good.  I realize he is just yelling about a game and isn’t mad.  He sounds like he is having fun and that is great but not when he wakes me up at 2:30 AM.  It is like he is oblivious to it being 2:30 AM and I am trying to sleep.

Me:  “If I don’t sleep I will get fired”

Sheldon:  “Why are you playing that car?”  sighs “just stop playing that car”

Me:  “Yes, please stop playing and take your pills and go to sleep”

Sheldon:  “I would if you stop playing that card.  Stop telling me you are going to get fired”

My brain starting to wake up now realizes he is using an expression.  Oh, he is now upset about me saying I will get fired.  Part of me thinks too bad, he needs to know but of course part of me feels bad for making him feel bad.

I sit on his bed and we discuss how I really don’t care when he sleeps as long as he sleeps, is cooperative, does his school work, and occasionally does things with us.  He says he understands.  We then have another discussion about how he really wants to sleep at night.  I point out that he can only sleep if he stops playing.  He informs me that he wants to play the game but he also wants to sleep so that he can play with his british friends during the day.  🙂

So he then asks if he can stay up all night and as long as he can to try to get on the right schedule again. I explain that yes he can on two conditions: 1) he cooperates with taking pills/going to bed at night or there is no point. 2) he takes his geometry test.  He agrees.

Me:  “When are you going to take your geometry test?”

Sheldon:  “Now, I guess”

Crap, how do I say no to that.  Okay taking the geometry test.  I have learned all of it along with him so that I can answer his questions as needed.  As part of his IEP he can actually take the test with a teacher in some virtual classroom or something to get support.  We have elected for me to be his support for many reasons.  Thank goodness I was good in math!

He starts the test and he has difficulty on one of the questions.  He was reading something wrong & it took me a few minutes to figure out what the issue was.  Once I figured it out we both laughed at ourselves for not understanding to begin with because it was really so simple.

He then came upon a question he didn’t know how to answer.  He is allowed to use formulas but it was a formula from another unit.  I should have known & had the list with me but I failed.  He started to melt and said he was done and started calling himself stupid.  He didn’t throw anything or kick or punch.  Just said he was done.

I waited a bit.  He has an hour to complete the test and he usually completes it in less than 15 minutes.  After a few minutes and handing him a brownie I reminded him that he can skip a question when he doesn’t know how to do it.

Sheldon:  “No I can’t!”  If you asked Mr. D. (his 8th grade algebra teacher) he would tell you “he can’t go on when he doesn’t know something.  He just stops”

That is true I used to get calls and emails all the time where he put his head down during a test or quiz.

I pointed out to him that he has been able to answer a question with his best guess in another class and just go to the next question on tests.

I kept talking to Sheldon and I swear he talks just like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory.  My “Sheldon” starts saying “But I LOVE math.  I want to get it right.  There are just SO many formulas, Theorems, and Postulates in Geometry.  I hope other classes don’t have as many”

I didn’t answer because I think Calculus has a lot too.  He took my non answer as there are lots of formula’s going forward.

We discussed how we will just have to be more organized with the formulas going forward.  He agreed.

I then picked up the computer and scrolled to the next problem.  We worked through the next one and then he kept going.  At the end I encouraged him to go back to the question that he had trouble with.  He wasn’t really open to re-trying it but he had put a guess answer in.  I let it ride.  He clicked the submit button and he got a 92% on the test.  But more importantly he worked more on his coping skills during a test.

I pointed out that we completed school work and had fun with it.  I did request that we do it more often but during “regular hours”.

He was already doing something else on his lap top.  “leave” was the only response I got.

It is now 7:30 here and he is playing a game online with one of his british friends.  Hopefully he can get back on regular schedule because I have to go to work soon and I am tired!!



  1. Congrats for the test..92% is good, right? You are a great mom! Take vitamins to keep you going stronger 🙂

  2. I can feel Sheldon’s pain. I needed to be in perfect mental order to take exams. I can really relate to this:

    “No I can’t!” If you asked Mr. D. (his 8th grade algebra teacher) he would tell you “he can’t go on when he doesn’t know something. He just stops”

    I had terrible trouble functioning in highschool and certain university classes. I always aced anything dealing with rote memory, but my problems solving skills in mathematics, engineering and physics were wildly variable. I had the ability, but at times it was so hard to access.

    You are doing a wonderful job with Sheldon. As I got older, my brain became easier to mangage, but betweeen 12-17, tests were very difficult. Best wishes to you and Sheldon.

    Best Wishes,

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