How to avoid $2000 bill from iTunes

It is possible that we have spent $2000.00 on iTunes, well maybe not that much, but I had control over every penny. I have seen in the news again where some child has racked up a huge bill for their parents.  That could so happen in my house but I found a way to completely avoid the issue.  It was purely by accident.  (of course because that is how I roll!)

I hope this works for other people.

1) You had to use a credit card to set up your iTunes account.  So get your credit card stolen.  Okay well maybe you could do this step a different way.I think you could probably log in and remove your card after the account has been set up.  Or wait till expires if not so good at this stuff like me.

2)  Ignore all emails and notices from iTunes saying that your credit card is no longer valid.  (I am kind of scattered that way)

3)  Continue to ignore all the notices and then one day receive iTunes giftcard as a gift.

4)  Redeem gift card and buy whatever you want!  When you run out of money, it stops letting you buy stuff.  Works wonderfully!

Yes it is a pain to have to buy a gift card when I want something but it is rare I even have to buy one since we get them as gifts so much for holidays.  And having to wait until I get around to buying a card probably helps reduce how much I spend!

I have read there are other ways to put parental controls on but I want my son to be able to purchase things.  Just not $2000 worth of nobility points on Kingdoms at War.  Was bad enough he spent $50 at one time at Christmas!!


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