This was such a wonderful experience! Thanks E for summarizing & thanking everyone! You did such a great job I figured I would just Reblog it 🙂

The Third Glance

Wow, I’m still reeling from the #AutismPositivity2012 flash blog.

What an amazing experience.

Monday really was an incredible outpouring of wonderfulness from the Autism blogosphere and beyond. I spent all day yesterday (quite literally) glued to my computer – I did much of the webmaster duties for the flash blog (woot for being good with computers – yay tech support) and spent all day working out kinks, posting links, and reading some of the most powerful essays I’ve ever seen.

The #AutismPoitivity2012 Flash Blog was absolutely a success. We had well over 130 participants, I think the final tally will lie somewhere between 140 and 150, once the dust settles and we manage to enumerate it. There were messages from parents of autistic kids, autistic adults, professionals, caretakers, friends, family, and even a few autistic children. There were pieces from those looking strongly for a cure, and those who…

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