Special Needs Ryan Gosling Week 14

Special Needs Ryan Gosling Week 14

It has been a while since I participated in this wonderfully fun event created by the wonderful Sunday over at Adventures in Extreme Parenthood.  Guess just been too run down and well just haven’t felt up to it.  Today I really felt inspired so hopefully you like my contributions & maybe you will also join in on the fun.

Because we have all had to look for that one item….











And I HATE Bullies!!










To join in on the fun and see the other posts click here.


  1. Sounds cool. What’s the event all about?

    Oh and Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Someone started a meme with Ryan Gosling and Sunday started doing it for special needs. Since so many people loved it she started doing a link up every Friday so anyone could make their own and read everyone’s version. Is fun and now even some dads participate :). So no real purpose other than blowing off some steam in a fun way 🙂

      Happy mothers day to you as well!

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