Hospital fun

Coming to you live from my hospital bed. I had no intention of doing this but, well life sometimes has mind of its own. The floor is really noisy today and not able to sleep. It may take a while but i should remain coherent. I am rather confused about my days so when I jump around please forgive me.

The first part of the journey was at home. I guess It was Tuesday when I was home. I ate lunch and I had bad indigestion. I have been having issues for a while and had gluten free pizza for lunch. There was dairy on the pizza but dairy doesn’t usually give me indigestion. Whatever, I went home about an hour early. Took tums, pepto bismal, nothing seemed to work. My husband was supposed to leave on camping trip Friday and asked if I minded him getting things ready. I told him didn’t matter since I didn’t feel good. Later in the week he will tell me he heard that from me so much recently that he didn’t think much of it.

A bit of TMI but also a bit about my son…
At some point I remember my son coming in and asking me to buy him a game. I said no, I was really sick. He asked ” do you want me to rub your back?”. Yes, honey that would be wonderful. I told him I would buy him a game the next day. I don’t believe I got him a game.

About 1 AM I started throwing up. Like really throwing up forcefully, some even came up my nose. Around 3 AM I needed a new garbage can. Hubs was sleeping because he has clearly trained his brain to sleep through anything. I massaged my son & asked him to bring his garbage can. Which he does. Hubs somehow wakes up now & is fussing over needing garbage bag. Understandable but be happy he brought anything! Some fussing in hallway which ends with Sheldon saying “you do it”. Probably best way to deal w the OCD sometimes!

I spend most of the night with the garbage can. I really don’t want to be that close with an inanimate object. It somehow becomes 6 am. Multiple times during the night my husband would ask various questions which I knew meant “hospital now?”. No, I promise I will say when. Sheldon has now been up late (over 24??). He is wanting McDonalds so I send my husband. I had already notified work that I was not coming in. Just wasn’t sure could make it through the day.

While husband is gone I throw up again only now it is dry heaves. I go all numbness & tingling everywhere. I can’t move my hands. I text my husband. “need to go, calling .9229” um yeah where I live it is 911. I call the operator and I can’t even tell her where I live. I yell for my son. He tells me where I live. Operator can’t understand me. Great so Sheldon comes in & calmly talks to her. Seriously, no shit calmly talks to her. I know I talked to the operator about some of my symptoms prior to getting Sheldon, but I was having hard time communicating.

I start gaining coherent speech back and tell Sheldon I am dehydrated and having muscle spasms. My sweet boy says he will get me water. I tell him I can’t keep it down but was good thought. He asks what he can do. I tell him where his clothes are and to stay in his room. Seemed the best course of action.

My husband and squad get there.

Something about the squad said I had a heart attack. Um no didn’t say that. I remember her asking if pain was on left side, yes the worst abdominal pain has always been left side. Somehow it is decided I just have the flu & my husband can drive me. I am still rather incoherent but lucid enough to understand. I said no I was dehydrated & having muscle spasms. He told me I would be fine. Seriously?

We finally get to the closest hospital. My poor husband. My sensory issues were so far out of whack on top of my illness. It was dreadful. I just wanted to lay down but could not get comfortable. I was probably making a scene because i was uncomfortable and resorting to primal means of communicating. Once we get back and they go through everything they could not understand why squad wouldn’t bring me. Beats me.

Pretty quickly they get line in me & start running tests and saying I am staying at the hospital for at least couple days. Yeah, okay it is now very early Sunday morning. I learn today whether or not stable enough for surgery on Monday. I hope so! How long will take to recover depends how bad it is in there.

Apparently i have gall stones and one blocked the duct for pancreas. Somehow liver was affected to. Every lab value that could be wrong was wrong, I kept being told most important thing is to rest bowel so no activity in pancreas. That has been hell. I convinced them to let me swab out my mouth & not swallow liquids. Thank God they listened. I am improving, I have turned the corner. But not out of the woods yet. I may not be giving update until out of woods or maybe as soon as able will post quickest – “surgery is done!” just so everyone knows.

Oh and by the way – thank you for all the prayer chains. You have all been awesome. And all of our friends who have offered to help any way that they can.
It takes a village and for once in my life I have one. An awesome one.


  1. Violets Diary says:

    All the best to you. I hope the surgery works & you feel better soon x

  2. I was thinking of you yesterday. Bless you for updating and letting us know how you are doing. My best friend’s mom had a blockage. It was terribly painful and frightening for all, but after her procedure, she was much better.

    I hope that you recover quickly and fully. I will be thinking of you and checking in. Hugs.


  3. I will be thinking of you – what a horrible experience. I hope treatment/surgery goes well for you. Keep us posted (and rest your poor body). Sending hugs.

  4. Thinking of you… sending positive thoughts your way!

  5. Holy Cow! So sorry you are going through this, wishing you a quick & complete recovery. Thougts & prayers are with you!

  6. My mom went through the same thing and was much better after surgery. All my best to you and a quick recovery.

  7. I am glad you are on the road to recovery. Sorry, I was not around last week to send prayers when you needed them, but I’ll pray for a speedy recovery.

  8. Hope you recover soon.

  9. Oh just read this 😦 get well soon dear!

  10. Oh my goodness, that sounds absolutely horrifying! You poor thing, I hope you get better soon! My thoughts are with you… ❤


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