(No) Medications Update

This post is long overdue.  In fact I had planned on writing it before all hell broke loose.  But I just hadn’t gotten to it and really now I can provide even more information so I guess it all works out.

In the past I had written about his medications and how we decided what medications worked for him here and here.  As I mentioned in those please remember every kid is different.  All medication decisions should be made with a physician.  Okay well I have made an appointment with a physician because as you will read this just kinda happened…

So back in April I was starting to have health issues.  We thought it was a hernia (possibly still there??) and then I tried to adjust my diet.  Few times I just did not feel well and my husband would have to take care of our son.

As a backdrop (is that right word?) 1) my son is no longer in brick and mortar school so he has less stressors.  2) my son doesn’t always cooperate with his dad. 3) my son was starting to question the need for his medications.  It seemed it was mostly related to taking his sleeping pills because he wanted to stay up late.  He was no longer “in school” so he didn’t see the point of it.

Anyways there were days where he did not get his meds.  I posted about some of the medication and sleep issues early may.  I tried to get him back on schedule.  I would for a few days and then he would get back off schedule.  It was frustrating & stressful for all of us.  I decided to start really tracking his sleep schedules and his meds.  By mid to late May I realized we were really struggling and the week of May 19th he had only had his medications one time.  The problem was his sleep schedule was so off i had a hard time getting the medications to him.  He would not take at night because he wanted to stay up & we would fight & he would say he promised to take them that I should go to bed.  I would give up from exhaustion.  He would still be up in the morning & say he was going to stay up.  At some point he would then fall asleep without taking his meds.  I tried rewards, I tried everything.  He seemed very resistant.  My husband is against medications and was not really encouraging our son to take them.  Sigh

So my husband and I decided to try him off medications for a week or two just to see what happened.  We both agreed his moodiness did not seem better on the medications.  He just had teenagitis.  So yep what could a week or two hurt?  I know lots of people who do not take meds and do not give their kids meds.  He is older & has lots of therapy.  Has made lots of progress so maybe this would be okay.  Log his behaviors & sleep schedule & see what happens.

Well what happened is I got really, really sick, hospitalized.  So my husband and him were left on their own….

So now about 45 days later!!

He is sleeping on his own every night.  He usually goes to bed on his own around 8 or 9 PM.  It helps that he is currently gaming with people in Europe but whatever he is sleeping EVERY NIGHT!  On his own.

He is cooperative.  And I mean super cooperative.

While I was in the hospital my husband and him bonded quite a bit.  They hang out together more now.

I do have to say the one Dr. had said that a couple of his meds actually had irritability as a side effect.  Maybe being off of them is actually a good thing.

In these 45 days there has not been a single meltdown.  There has certainly been events to cause a meltdown- my illness, his laptop broke, other computer issues.  Only having his dad here.  When I was here I had to tell him that no I couldn’t get him whatever he was asking for because I was sick.  Just not the normal routine at all!!

He is not perfect obviously.  He still has those “Leave me alone days!” (and then he laughs while watching Youtube or talks just fine with his friends online).  He still has aspergers.  I have noticed he is stimming more.  He says he feels fine & he certainly seems much happier lately.

We will have to see how it goes when he starts school but right now everything is going really well.  With no meds?  I never would have thought this.  I am not sure if this would have happened if I had stayed healthy.  Silver lining I guess.



  1. AlysonRR says:

    What a nice update! Hopefully your health issues are sorted out and you’re entering a “new normal” for your family.

  2. Glad you’re out of hospital – and as silver linings go it’s a good one 🙂 Hope all continues well without the meds x

  3. I’m always happy to hear about autistics who give up the meds. I have been working on a post about meds. Is it okay if I include a link to this post?

    I think stimming is the only medication autistics need. It sends a signal through neurological pathways that need to be stimulated. Needing to be left alone or avoiding certain things turns off signals through neurological pathways that are overstimulated. Stimming is self-administered in small doses, not like a pill to be taken every eight hours. Also, medications only manipulate neurotransmitters, but autism is not a problem with neurotransmitters. It is the neurological pathways that make the autistic brain different, not the neurotransmitters that flow through those pathways.

    • Of course you can link to my post!

      I still take Zoloft because it helps me with not getting so agitated with things. But that is more about anxiety.

  4. usethebrainsgodgiveyou says:

    My son said taking ritalin made him feel like a zombie. We started homeschooling in 9th, 4 years ago. He hasn’t had anything yet and is doing well in Tech College.

  5. karenaspergersmom says:

    Very happy to hear this news! Awesome


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