Happy Aniversary & domain change

On July 30, 2011 i started this blog.  I had no clue what I was doing and  there was no one here to read what I wrote anyways.  I nearly cried the first time someone actually read my blog.  To now have over 2000 followers across email, facebook & twitter- wow!

I’ve learned a lot this year:

I know i am not the biggest or the best blogger out there.  I know I am certainly not always amongst the popular opinion.  I can’t always agree and I can’t even always agree to disagree.   In fact sometimes I just can’t let somethings go, even when I know I should let it go?  Of course that may have something to do with my Asperger’s!

I’ve learned that although we may disagree at times you There is a sense of community and that community comes together in various ways at various times.  I have been honored to be a part of that at many times.  And to be on the receiving end when I have really needed it.

Over the years with my son i have learned to take every day as it comes.  Hell sometimes every minute as it comes!  Scream and yell at me one minute and hug me the next.  Neither means anything about the third minute. Typing this i realize how far he has really come in regulating his emotions 🙂  I am so proud of my kid.

I have always been the rock, the constant, the untouchable, go through anything, fire, whatever it took to get whatever done.  Cause that is what we do as mom’s & special need’s mom’s we are invincible!

And then i wasn’t.

So many things have changed.  It is really unbelievable. I thought i was going to die.  I thought my life was never going to be the same. Right now i have hope.  But that is all i have is hope.  They say i really am through the woods this time but ive heard that before and i wont take any moment for granted again.  I cant take anything for granted again.

What did i receive from WordPress for my Anniversary?  A bill to keep http://www.aspieside.com.  Since my FMLA clock is literally ticking (dr. today promised i will make it back and i hope, i hope for so many things) but this is one bill I can’t pay in good conscience right now?  As of noon (UTC) on july 30th my address will be:



I hope that is how that works- http://www.aspieside.com wont work but above address will.  I will be working to update all of my stuff before then as best i can.  I am still in hospital on TPN and just starting on food by mouth tomorrow (fingers crossed & praying) bunch of doctors said nothing else could be done but wait.  one said there was a procedure he could do.  Oh sure at that point lets try it..  I now have the pleasure of explaining the procedure to the nurses yep the procedure is rarely done…..  Oh i hope, pray and everything else.  Because i have to teach 10 th grade to a brilliant aspie that cant sit in class.   And i cant thank people enough for what they have done to help my family & myself – including ofering to teach my son.  I could just cry.

I hope  you’ll follow me to the free website if i survive this journey that i am currently on.  Now to rest.  I’ll at least post on aug 1 to see what happens on my blog & Provide you with an update on me.


  1. Oh, my I missed all of your posts during my move to another state and several meltdown/shutdowns of my own. (I won’t even include the kids.) 🙂

    I am so sorry that you went through all of those medical issues and had to go to the hospital! It is good to hear you are doing better, I hope all goes well!

    Happy Blogiversary! Following your new blog!! (I may have used too may exclamation points – I tend to abuse the use of that punctuation mark.)

  2. I had no idea you were so seriously ill. I’ve been reading your fun blog for awhile and didn’t realize you were still hospitalized. All my best to you. You give me and my little blog http://www.autismandcooking.blogspot.com some hope! I have no followers but a steady few who look, so I keep going for them. Good luck with the food!

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