Transition Time!

The last few months have been quite a ride for all of us.  My son has really stepped up over the summer while I was sick.  It has been quite amazing to witness.  I can only hope it continues as we make the transitions over the next month.

For me I go back to work (hopefully!) on Monday.  I have been in contact with many of my co-workers over this time so I am hopeful that my transition will not be so difficult.  Many people are also very concerned about my health and have verbalized that they do not expect me to come back “full force” and nor do they want me to.  Everyone, including my boss, has said they want me to ease back into my job and for me to do whatever I need to do that- work from home, whatever.  That is so incredibly awesome!

For my son (and me) school begins on August 27th.  Deep breath….

I decided to reorganize his class time and classroom a bit this year.  I am hopeful that I have made the correct changes that will help both of us stay organized!

I have to admit that I am a bit excited for the school year to start.  I have memories of him at age 3 speaking Spanish.  My husband had no clue what he was saying but I did and man was I shocked.  Apparently they were teaching it at the preschool.  He also took Spanish some in Elementary school and he just loved it.  In fact he saved our ass in a taxicab in Spain when he was 11.  The cab driver did not speak any English.  I hear whispering next to me & realized (thankfully) and I just started repeating the words louder.  We got to our hotel & he was our hero!!!

He loves foreign languages but the former school wouldn’t let him take one his freshman year.  He was so upset.  At the time I was mad but they felt he needed a year to transition to high school.  That was probably correct but now he can take a foreign language.  And for a bonus the online school offered German.  His grandfather is 100% German so Sheldon was on cloud 9 when he saw they offered German.

Sheldon of course plays video games with online friends around the world and I am guessing he has friends in Germany.  I hear him telling his friends quite often that he will be taking German this year.  I really hope he likes it as well as he thinks he will.

I am a bit anxious because I SUCK at foreign languages.  This could be an interesting year.

I am praying that my son enjoys this school year since it will be a complete fresh start with online school.  He was a bit “done” last semester when we started after Christmas and I think that contributed to his struggles.  That and transitioning to online school- it was a bit rocky for both of us.  My executive functioning issues were quite apparent!  But I think I have it now 🙂

Good luck/best wishes to everyone returning to the new school year.

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