Eventful Week

Sometimes I have trouble organizing my thoughts into a blog post that is cohesive. This has been one of those weeks but now I have so much to tell! I honestly don’t know where to start so off we go…

My son and I were supposed to be in DC this week but since all hell broke loose with my health we decided now was not a good time to go. Sheldon said he understood why we couldn’t go. He was okay until his dad started talking about getting ready for the trip. The original intent of the trip was for him to ride his bike there with friends. When we realized I couldn’t go I told him he should still go and just figure out a way to get home.

My husband mentioned the trip and then my son excitedly said “We’re still going”. He was so bummed when we told him just his dad was going. We plan to hopefully be able to go next year some time for a few days when I am all healthy. (fingers crossed, knock on wood, prayers, all of that stuff). So all week while my husband has been gone my son has been kind of moping around and clingy towards me. We have had some really good times but I also feel bad because know he is sad.

Since I wasn’t going to DC my husband convinced me to go to a formal event, a fundraiser, while he was out of town. I am hopeless as I am like a 12 year old tomboy. The only thing girly about me is my Hello Kitty stuff. And I love pink. That is about where it ends. I do awful at shopping and am not a huge fan of wearing skirts or dresses. I called in help from my one friend (let’s call her shoes since we all know when she is coming down the hall by her shoes and she has a whole damn room full of shoes in her house) who is a complete fashionista. We had a great shopping trip last week. Not only did I buy a dress but I also bought other outfits for work. This was really needed since I had dropped weight suddenly from being sick. I think we had a great day 🙂

She then decided I should come to her house for help with accessorizing Friday night. Well hell yes because I need help with that. She invited our mutual friend Super B (mentioned in earlier post) and another friend J (have discussed her on blog but not sure ever given her a name, she is one that my son responds really well to & has helped out a lot with him especially when I was really sick). Anyways J couldn’t make it but we will get back to her.

I had a great time with Shoes and Super B. I felt kind of uncomfortable in the dress and with them helping me. But we were also helping shoes pick out her dress and then had to go through many shoes and purses – she has lots of options!! It was actually a great night. I wish I could have stayed longer but I had to get back to my son. When I got home with him we worked on school. I tried to read his German flashcards and he kept telling me I was pronouncing the words wrong. I then tried to just tell him the words and then I was informed I did not write the letters correctly. Sigh, I know I suck at foreign languages but took it as good sign he is clearly interested in the language if he is correcting me 🙂

I had told my son I would be out with J on Saturday. He asked me where because he really likes J and sometimes likes to hang with us. They relate really well to each other. I tell him it is a ball for work and that we have to get dressed up. He says “Ha Ha!” Saturday morning he starts talking about how it is so stupid we have to get dressed up and go to these things. I didn’t really have to go to this one but I know that the bosses do notice who goes. I try to explain to my son and also explain how work was really good to me. I talked to him about how expensive my hospitalizations were and how lucky I am to have good insurance for that. It was a really good conversation for many reasons!

I got my hair done for the event since I was due for a hair cut anyways. My cat has probably never even smelled hair spray let alone seen it up on my head like that. He kept trying to attack my head and me. I am not sure if he was trying to kill it or nest in it. It is amazing I survived to attend the ball.

We made plans for about 4 of us to meet up- Shoes, J, myself and another friend. The other friend unfortunately couldn’t make it because her mom was admitted in the hospital – thank you everyone on twitter who has been praying for them- keep it coming!

Anyways the three of us decide to ride together. J drives because she always does because otherwise she gets car sick. But we decide since there is an open bar and I can’t drink I would drive home if needed. We all meet at my house and Shoes has brought another purse with her that she forgot she had so now we are accessorizing in my driveway. I can only imagine what my neighbors think but after seeing me outside in my hello kitty slippers & random pajamas they probably think this is an improvement!!

We arrive & valet park- there is literally a red carpet! Wow okay we go inside and they start handing us drinks. Awesome event, especially if I could drink. Shoes is social butterfly and loved by everyone so is mingling. J and I stand at a table while she enjoys the open bar and people watch. One of my doctors from the hospital is there which I should have expected since I have so damn many of them. He seemed to recognize me from afar & waved but J and I laughed that he may have been wondering where from since I looked so completely different – healthy, hair done and in a dress even!!

J and I both are starving. We both usually eat at 5 PM. We are both very much about routines and expectations. Dinner was to be at 7 but at 7 we are not even seated yet. We finally get seated and we end up sitting with someone that is just so different than us. I know accept all people but it is really hard when said person is touchy feely and we are so don’t touch me damn it! We tried really hard to be nice to her because neither one of us would want to be the one not talked to. Although I didn’t have much to say so I was mostly just sitting there. Shoes is lost or something. We even start to look for her but eventually she turns up. Social butterfly that she is (everyone chuckle because she is probably reading this).

The food. Well hmmm, I actually like fancy food and am okay with trying new things when in nice restaurants (as opposed to strange street vendors or whatever). But some of the food was just weird and as Gordon Ramsey and many others would have pointed out they were just weird combinations on the plate. My son is a HUGE Gordon Ramsey fan. Even though my son would not eat most of what they prepare on the shows he still has an idea of good food and what would get someone called a “stupid cow”. My son found the combinations very, umm interesting.

During dinner I look over at J. Sigh she eats like my son so she is so not even interested in trying the food. I joke with her that when we stop to get my son McDonalds we can get her something too. We then start texting the menu and plates to our families. My husband was having pizza and wanted to trade. Right about then a friend at another table texted shoes to ask her if she had the number for Dominoe’s Pizza. Yeah. I picked around and did my best. J and Shoes decide to drink to fill their stomachs. Good plan!! Some lady from across the table tried to get one of our bottles of wine. That didn’t go so well and eventually she got a waiter to bring her more. Thankfully no blood was spilled.

We get the car from valet and I jump in drivers side because clearly no one else can drive. Damn it I can’t reach the pedals. I start feeling around and ask J if is lever under seat or power seat. She tells me lever but I can’t find it. She decides to come over and help me. We are on a really busy street and she is in no condition to be walking around. She opens the door harassing me about not being able to find it and then declares “oops here are the buttons”. She has only had this car for about 6 years but whatever. She laughs all the way back to her seat and declares “that’s why you’re driving”. I think my son found this story the most amusing. Sunday morning he kept asking me to tell him more 🙂

We stopped at McDonald’s and everyone got food from there (except me bc I can’t and already probably had too much fat and protein at dinner). Nothing like going to a fancy, expensive dinner and needing McDonald’s on the way home!!

Everyone made it home safely and feels okay today. My husband gets home later today so that should make my son very happy.

I am thinking I want to have my own dinner party or lunch and invite my friends over for good food (husband, not me) and wear jeans or whatever. Have to think about that one…. Who have I become???



  1. Sigh… I would love for my delayed son to correct my pronunciation of ENGLISH, let alone German! Sounds like you’re doing a fantastic job.


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