Thank YOU!

Thank you to everyone that supported me on my last post– here, on twitter and even in person (you know who you are).  This all has caused a lot of thinking and analyzing (shocking I know).

I have come to the conclusion that this person has a different style- professionally and personally.  We will never be on the same page.  When I have tried I just fail.  But I realized I shouldn’t be trying.  I have done my job and been a manager for a LOOOONNNGGG time.  Every job I have ever had I have always been promoted and or received raises to keep me there.  I haven’t always been the most “professional”, probably more like eccentric. But I dress up and play the part when needed. But because of my “informalness” I am approachable.  I am really damn good at what I do and respected by all I work with.

My husband told me I needed to provide this link to the person.  To show that “collegial” and being with the group is okay.  Since this person isn’t trusting me or recognizing that I am successful and I do receive positive feedback from so many people, especially in the workplace.  Clearly I am not as successful as Sergio but it shows that being a polished professional wearing the best suits and having a stick up your ass or whatever isn’t what makes someone a good leader.  But then I realized I don’t care anymore what this person thinks.

I have options.  I actually have lots of options.  I can’t go into detail here yet about what I have done or am doing.  But it really is true that everything happens for a reason.  Maybe I needed to be upset that day to see the other open door.  Hopefully I will be able to walk through that door and that it will be right.  Although if not I am confident something will happen.  As a good friend has always told me- things will work out because they have to.

Anyways, thank you, all of you, for helping me get my confidence back.  I really needed it.

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