Interesting 24 hours with #Aspies

Interesting 24 hours with #Aspies

The past 24 hours have really been something.  Not bad, not good, but lots of Aspie moments…

Monday Night

I came home from work and my son was not in his “other room”.  Odd since he went to bed before I left for work so I figured he would be up playing video games.  I could see his room from where I stood and he wasn’t in bed.  My heart stops.  I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and reach out…

Believe what you want but I can usually sense where he is and if awake or asleep.  Always have been.  Can’t describe it.  Mother’s intuition?  I just know.

I know he is asleep in my bed.  I open my eyes and spin around and yep there he is.  Extremely odd because he was sound asleep in his bed when I left.  He never moves after he falls asleep.  An earthquake would not wake him up.  And if I try to wake him up I am cussed out or swung at.  He goes right back to sleep.

Even though I expect to be cussed out I try to wake him up since he had slept for so long.  He woke up without too much incident.  I had to ask “what happened?”  He told me at 11 am he got up because his blankets were all sweaty.  Okay, whatever.  He got up and went to his “other room”.  I fed him and we did some schoolwork.  He then gets up and announces he is going back to bed.  Okay.  (He got up around 11PM.  He tries to be quiet but I always wake up.)


Before going to work I got him to complete an exam in German.  Because that is how I love to wake up in the morning, with an exam.  Not so much fun but I catch him when I can.  Whenever that is, although since I have had medical issues I try to avoid the 3 AM school sessions.  Anyways, the exam was multiple choice.  One of the questions was a phrase in German with a missing word and then choices of what the missing word is.  One of the choices was “name” in english, which my son originally picked.  Then his mind clearly realized it was english and the phrase was german so that couldn’t be it.  He picked a German word that wasn’t exactly right – it was friend but it could fit in the phrase but name in German would have been a better answer but it wasn’t there.  I also thought the german word for friend was the wrong sex- female friend and male friend are different but I wasn’t really sure.  After he completed the exam we get the results.  The English word “name” was the right answer.  GRRRRR He clearly knows the content but logically thought “why would you put an english word in a german phrase”.  GRRRRR  Sheldon says “That’s just stupid”.  Yes, that is just stupid.

I decided now was a good time to give him his new book.  Well deserved my son.  Rick Riordan’s “Mark of Athena” was loaned to us by J because we all share books which is really cool.  He was so excited to get the book 🙂  He started reading it right away.  He then got up and went to his bedroom.

Then it became interesting.

He first said “Tell dad to tell me when it is noon”.

I said “oh, you want woke up?”

“No, I am going to read”

me – “Oh, what is at noon”

“blah blah comes out at 1pm so I need to know when it is noon”

(I have no idea what he said but guessing something related to the computer or youtube or games- I hadn’t had my coffee yet & clearly I was just stupid, but wait, it gets worse)

Sheldon – “Can you cover me with my Cayenne blanket”

Me “What?”  (he has about 10 blankets because, well they didn’t have weighted blankets when he was a kid so he just uses a bunch of blankets and we can’t change that now- see sweaty blankets above)

He repeats “Cayenne”

(No clue!!!) but I held up the blanket at my feet

Sheldon “Yes, Cyan, is the color of the blanket”

(see I spelled it differently, because now I know because I GOOGLED it because I am clearly a dumbass)  (If Shoes is reading this I will get a text telling me that she has a pair of Cyan shoes and how did I not know what color that is??)

He then explained to me that he was going to keep his headphones on.



These are not small.  But there he sat reading his book with the headphones on.  There are no noises and he usually just wears them during gaming.

“Why are you wearing them?”

Sheldon “It’s annoying to have hair in the eyes when reading”

K, but that is an awfully damn expensive headband to get broken…

“How about a headband or a haircut”

“No, this is fine”

Oh forget it I am going to work & Wow I really need some coffee.

And work, well…  Moments I can share:

Someone gave me an awesome Bosses’ Day card with a note they donated to Autism Speaks on my behalf.  Which goes back to how I think they are just the first thing everyone thinks of.  I smiled and told her how awesome that was. Because it really was so awesome and as my husband said they clearly had intent to help autistics.  I thought that was awesome.

Dear Autism Speaks:

Please use my donation to actually help someone!!!

Thanks, Me

Then in a meeting we were discussing some things.  Someone new to our area commented that I sometimes seem different.  I started to explain that sometimes I get very task focused.  Someone blurted out that sometimes I just get overstimulated and then covered their mouth and apologized.  (this person has also called me scattered, and told me she was told by Super B to watch out for me)  In the meeting today my mouth dropped but then I said that was okay that they said that.  This person is always very nice, helpful, and asks my advice for their work, in other words I feel valued by them.  But yes when I am concentrating I have had to tell her I need quiet sometimes.  She loves to talk and now I can just say her name and she knows she needs to stop talking so I can think.  She knows my limitations but respects me.  That is acceptance.  Hmm, Autism Speaks I changed my mind, please use my donation to spread acceptance.  Everyone deserves to feel respected even when limitations are recognized and accommodated.


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