Updates- Situation & more

Time for one of those overall update posts I suppose so here we go:

“The Situation” I have been dealing with.  I think I have read somewhere that the best way to deal with a bully is to take their power away.  That is really hard to do in a lot of situations.  Sometimes because of external reasons and sometimes because of internal reasons.  For me I know I had a combination of both.  Long story short (and due to limited ability to discuss details here) I was able to remove the external pressures/power play.  By removing that my internal coping has done a complete 180.  Yes this person still makes comments but I am empowered to ignore them for the time being and deal with them later if needed.  Perhaps as this other person deals with their own internal demons the comments will stop.  As to my dear, dear friend that I was upset with.  As I said they apologized at the time and said they were not aware it would be that upsetting.  I told that person I needed space and they complied.  It has also been since clarified that I didn’t hear the full comment and it was not as bad as I perceived.  I was also able to take a step back and realize that a few months ago that same exchange would not have upset me because the circumstances were different.  My friend was not aware of all of the issues, which she expressed at the time.  I could see her perspective and so I have moved forward with our friendship.  How it all plays out with the situation remains to be seen.  However I know I feel better about my personal situation.  As others have issues they will need to address them.

Medical situation – I go for the procedure tomorrow to remove my stents.  It is supposed to be quick, outpatient, and no big deal.  Yeah well let’s just hope my body agrees.  I am preparing for the worst just in case.  My anxiety level is quite high.  Sigh trying to not think about it.

Home – as good as it can be.  Sheldon is quite happy with Assassin’s Creed III.  We are going to try to finish the science chapter tonight and work on German so he can review German tomorrow without me.  Wishful thinking, not worth the battle if he doesn’t cooperate.  At least now I know they can handle things without me if I need to be admitted for a few days.  The two of them have been getting along really well.  The other day my husband was off so he was the one to take him to buy the game.  Apparently he also took him to some low level areas to look at the flooding.  My husband tried to tell him it was biology, my son said it was Earth Science.  My husband tried to say something else and of course Sheldon said “stop talking, you know you don’t know what your talking about.”  My husband couldn’t really disagree and at least now he knows not to take it personally.  Sheldon is Sheldon.  And he is a teenager! 🙂



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