What do you support?

I read this post the other day and it said exactly a lot of what I have been thinking about.  It is an excellent post and I couldn’t agree with it more- what makes anyone feel safe?  I know I am not safe so I support safety nets.  (fair warning- some swearing involved with this one!)

I wish the election was over because I am really tired of reading or hearing about it.  But here I am, sort of blogging about it.   Although to me it isn’t about Obama.  Maybe he isn’t the best president ever, maybe he has made mistakes.  They all have.  Maybe he hasn’t kept all of his campaign promises.  Although most of his campaigning occurred prior to when the shit hit the fan.  Lots of people blame him but I remember quite vividly when the shit hit the fan.

Our family was planning a once in a life time trip to Europe.  Courtesy of my mom.  Yes my mom has the means to do that.  Her mother grew up during the depression and they were working class, so were my parents.  But they did okay and saved money and made wise investments.  I was the kid that didn’t have to worry about how I would pay for college.  I was the kid that had a brand new car at age 16.  And wow was she pissed at me when me and my burn out friends brought it home covered in mud.  Remember the burn outs were the only ones that accepted me. They also told me I didn’t really belong with them.  They knew I would go on and become educated.  They told me they didn’t have the same opportunities that I had.  I remember so many conversations with them.  I remember all their comments about not being able to afford certain things.  I remember buying them stuff or giving them stuff.  Sometimes giving them food.  My grandmother having lived in the depression stock piled food.  She was the best at coupons and rebates.  We laugh we don’t watch the reality shows on couponing because we lived it.  She donated so much to the local food pantry and to family members.  Many of us donated to our friends and to our local food pantries.  You had to because she got upset if you didn’t take it.  People would be so grateful to me for the food and I would be like “No thank you for taking it!!”

On the night of the debate I didn’t bother watching.  However I watched twitter.  Somebody in my timeline was making comments about only “foodstampers” vote for Obama.  WHAT???  And other comments about how he caused this mess, this recession.  How this country fell apart because of him.  How we are a joke now to other countries.  WHAT?!?!  Wait a minute….

Our family trip to Europe was before the election.  Our tickets were bought, hotel rooms booked.  The stock market crashed.  The dollar fell.  I don’t know how much my mother lost.  I never asked.  Her money is her money.  She was upset.  I remember asking if she wanted to cancel, wait for another time.  No.  We would go but there was lots of swearing involved with how much she just lost and now the trip was going to cost more.  The dollar now weaker.  I remember the Europeans making jokes about there were two bad “W”s  – the weather and well the other one would be out of office soon.

So now in 2012 people have forgotten.  But what really disturbed me the most was the comment about “foodstampers”.  How dare you?!?!  Who are you?  So privileged you have never gone hungry in your life?  Never once needed help?  Good for you.  You should feel blessed, lucky, grateful… not better than.  You ignorant, arrogant privileged Fuck.

I am blessed.  I know I am blessed.  I get chills when I think how blessed I am.  All around.  Not too long ago I was laying in a hospital bed.  I watched the movie descendants yesterday (good movie by the way) and I was struck by the opening scene.  I believe that my husband would have freaked out if he had watched the movie with me.  The movie starts with the wife in bed, in a coma.  The husband is by the bed, sure he can’t go on without her, promising to be a better husband.  It gave me chills.  I hear from my doctors that my husband went through that.  I was so sick I wasn’t completely sure how sick I was.  Every time I see a doctor or a nurse they can’t help but tell me how close I was.  They tell me how lucky I am.  The various outcomes that could have happened.  It is unbelievable.  And not just health wise.  I remember one of the lucid moments I told my friend to ask at work about disability payments while off.  I had no idea what benefits I had.  Who asks their boss or HR what happens if I suffer a catastrophic illness and am unable to work for 3 months.  Yeah sure FMLA but what about paying your bills?  And all the hospital bills?  When you get sick or disabled it is at least a triple whammy.  My husband knows people who lost everything paying for hospital bills.  I remember that moment so sick and so worried about all the other crap that shouldn’t even matter right then but it is a worry.  For me it was only a moment.  My mother was in the room and calmly and gravely she said that was one thing we didn’t need to worry about.  (thanks mom but she didn’t even need to help)  Turns out I had benefits I didn’t know I had.  Turns out my health insurance rocks.  Turns out I was able to pay my bills.  Turns out I can eat!  I have to take pills right now but I can eat.  And I can afford to put food in my fridge.  I am blessed.  I won’t ever forget that.  I won’t ever forget what could have been.  Health wise or financial wise.  Everyone deserves to not have to worry when their own personal shit hits the fan.

It is nice to think it won’t be you.  I never thought it would be me.  It could be me again some day.  I could need help tomorrow.  My son could need help tomorrow.  Or even a complete stranger.  It doesn’t matter, a person needs help sometimes.   Yes there are people that abuse the system.  I don’t deny that.  But don’t take away the system.  Handle the people that abuse the system.  Make improvements to the system, but don’t take away the safety nets and the help.  I support health insurance for all.  I support helping others.  I support civil rights. I support my friend’s right to marry her wonderful life partner.

I don’t support ignorant, arrogant privileged Fucks.

As Samuel says- Wake the Fuck up!

By the way my mom is not sitting around, she is out there campaigning.  Go mom!


  1. That was great!!!

  2. Yes, yes, yes. God, it’ll be over in a few days, hopefully… I’m voting on Tuesday, and I hope everyone else does too.

  3. Totally agree.

  4. Glad to see your back to blogging =). I love reading about your adventures with your son, he sounds a lot like me.

  5. I agree, Obama is not the best, but most of that is actually him trying to make nice with the republicans and giving into them too much. The republicans today are not like the republicans in the past….they are so far right that they fell off the cliff of sanity.

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