I thought I was good in Math…

In school I won awards in math.  Somewhere in this house I have an album with all the awards and certificates I won in Math.  I took Honors Calculus, what they call AP Calculus now and received College Credit from my AP score.  I don’t necessarily use algebra or calculus at work but I do use math.

In fact at a previous job they ended up promoting me to a financial management position because I kept correcting the accountant that had the job.  They kind of sucked though.  In fact my son helped me correct some of their mistakes and he was only 8 at the time.  Of course that should have been my clue…

When my son asked to be homeschooled I figured I could do it.  I knew he was ahead in math and it was a whole thing getting them to allow him to take Geometry in 9th grade.  I convinced the online school and I was confident I could do it.  Last year in Geometry I did really well with keeping up with him.  But now in Algebra II I want to cry.

I spend hours pouring over the lessons to try to understand.  The first test I knew it was review for him so I didn’t even teach him I just had him take the test.  He did well and loved doing the extra problems that were assigned because the other kids were struggling.  Now halfway through the semester I spend hours pouring over the lessons trying to understand.   I know when I walk in to teach him I need to understand it thoroughly.  I also need to understand because even if he taught himself I need to be able to re-word the question, esp word problems, if he gets stuck on a quiz or test.  So I spend hours trying to understand.  Sigh

Then I walk in to his other room that doubles as a classroom.  I start to write on the board while he is watching youtube.  He starts correcting me or skips ahead like 3 lessons while I am trying to write out & explain the lesson.  Head-Desk.  aurgh  I am so in over my head!!



  1. Math is totally one of those skills you either use or lose. I spent my undergraduate time as a grader for multivariable calculus, because I just didn’t want to lose it… so it forced me to remember. Have you discovered “Khan Academy” yet? They are the most spectacular math learning program I’ve ever seen. I’ll bet Sheldon would love it too – its basically “how to” videos, which are so incredibly well made it’s amazing, and tons of questions and exercises. You earn points and stuff. And it goes from kindergarten basics all the way up through calculus. Google it! 🙂

  2. Bless your heart for trying. I never would…never could! He will be fine. Hugs mama…

  3. spectrumscribe says:

    This may not have been easy for you to either write or post.

    With High School math 30 years behind me, I know I have forgotten quite a lot of the Senior High math curriculum and as for College math…………. :-/

    Catching up with all of that would be hard enough (for me) without the added responsibility of being a home school parent.

    It’s good that you are able to acknowledge and accept your limitations with your son’s homeschooling, with subject matter as well as tutoring.

  4. Wowza…it’s all white noise to me. My saving grace is my daughter, the girl with the 4.4 gpa, who is 15 and a wiz in math. I am half way through my masters in SPED but I cannot do seventh grade math to save my life, LOL. Thankful for the daughter who can help her spectrum brother when he needs it!

  5. I was a math wiz in high school up until the head injury. Luckily, I’d taken all the math I needed for college entrance by ninth grade because I took nothing after the wreck.
    I know we are working with similar homeschool curricula, so this *may* apply in your case. They explain concepts over and over in several ways so a kid will ‘get it’ no matter what their learning style. If your son grasps concepts quickly, he may be overwhelmed by this voluminous information dump; mine were. I started teaching lessons out of order. I’d introduce the concept on my own before opening anything in OLS. Then we do the assessment lessons. If those go well (almost always), I then go back and quickly go through the other lessons with the tact of ‘here are other ways you may see this presented on the stupid state mandated tests’.
    You may want to skip calling state tests stupid. :p My boys tend to take such things way too seriously, so calling them out for the crap they are alleviates some anxiety surrounding them.
    Plus I have a bad attitude. 😉

    • Yes that is very similar! That is what I would try to do is compress all of the lessons to what I knew he would get.

      We often call the tests stupid. Because they are and like you said he has anxiety over tests so better to downplay them. He will actually do better!

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