Wonderful Holiday Season

Okay I don’t want to jinx things and life is far from perfect but:

I have been feeling great since they removed the stents or drains or whatever.  The nurses that remembered me from my first time through told me how sick I was and how lucky I am.  I truly feel lucky and blessed.

Since I have been feeling great I have been really excited about the upcoming holiday.  This is not like me at all but I guess it is because I have something to celebrate and something to attach it to.  My husband was so excited that I was actually in the mood for Christmas he wanted to put the Christmas tree up early this year.  This was problematic because we usually get a real tree and we were nervous how it would last if we put it up early.  Last year we had discussed an artificial tree but the idea upset Sheldon.  So you can see the dilemma.

I asked Sheldon a couple of weeks ago and he was again adamant about getting a real tree.

Sigh we are all getting older and going out into the woods didn’t sound very fun.  I don’t even think Sheldon went with us last year to get the tree.  But he felt we had to get a real tree.

Last weekend my husband brought it up again.  I told him if he got Sheldon to agree I didn’t care.  My husband claimed Sheldon agreed to an artificial tree.  So my husband and I went out to pick out a tree.  This started a whole process.  My husband had to have a perfect tree.  After I don’t know how many hours I had a meltdown.  Yep in a middle of a parking lot.  I think I told him he was ruining Christmas.  Oops.  I felt really bad.  I know I was just worn out.  I apologized and then we started talking about how the tree didn’t matter.  A good Christmas or holiday season isn’t about the perfect tree.

After this discussion my husband went and bought a tree.  He was upset because it was pre-lit with clear lights.  He hates clear lights.  He likes big colorful lights.  It really was a whole thing.  He put it up the other night and had to arrange all of the branches perfectly.  I just tried to stay out of the way.  I knew if I helped it would end very badly.

So now today…

Well first yesterday I had a doctors appointment.  No permanent damage, no meds, no dietary restrictions.  BEST NEWS EVER!!

So today I come home from work and my husband is so proud of himself.  He put up two trees.  The one is the tree he just bought with all “my ornaments” on it.  I am still not sure how he decided what was mine and what was his especially since I saw a couple of bikes on there but whatever…  Down in the family room he put up the cheap puny artificial tree Sheldon wanted in his room one year (covered in Webkinz!) covered in my husbands colorful lights and “his ornaments”.  It is actually perfect because it is right by the TV & he is there staring in that direction an awful lot anyways (ha ha 🙂 )

And… Sheldon’s sleep schedule has been all messed up- shocker.  So one of my husband’s jobs today was to keep him awake.  He stayed up past dinner so I can only hope he sleeps till morning.

Sheldon likes me to cover him up, tuck him in,sometimes rub his back or some other sensory seeking behavior and get him his cat.  Tonight he yelled for me to get his cat. Then yelled I should come cover him up first- you know so that cat goes on top of the blankets.  Sure Sure.  I tell him it was no problem to find the cat since the tree is up and his cat LOVES to sleep under the tree.

Sheldon kind of sighs “oh he doesn’t notice?”

Oh, duh.   “No the cat loves the artificial tree just as much as the real one.  In fact they loved it when Daddy was assembling the tree with tree parts all over the room”

He chuckled.

All is well.  No matter what happens I think things are going to be just wonderful now 🙂




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