Saga of the Desk

Saga of the Desk

It shouldn’t be this difficult but well, everything is…

So first of all we remodeled our spare bedroom around a year ago to give him his own space. This space included moving his PS3 and big screen TV in there. So then there was a big to do this summer with his computer. We ended up buying him an Alienware harddrive. We decided to hook it up to the big screen TV. He did not want it like that. He wanted a separate screen. I didn’t want to buy a new screen because a) it’s expensive and b) why? So around and around we went. At one point he told me he wanted his new harddrive hooked up to his laptap. Right, all about what he is used to.

So I compromised. Let’s put the hard drive with the big screen TV and PS3, if you don’t like it we can figure it out. So for a temporary solution we put his keyboard and mouse on a TV tray. This was not the best solution but it was just supposed to be temporary:


At first he said it was okay and the mouse was just on the table but he would put the keyboard next to the mousepad (which he has of course picked apart) and then eventually the keyboard would fall off.

We also bought him a cheap office chair which he has broken at least twice.

He also uses a tray table for his food which is old and ratty and a hand me down.


So when I asked him what he wanted for Christmas he told me a new chair and a new table for his keyboard.  I don’t know which I was more proud of – the fact that he adjusted to the situation or the fact that he asked for something practical for Christmas.  WOW!

So we purchased:


Which I gave to him on Thanksgiving.  He was getting annoyed at the keyboard falling off and I knew he was uncomfortable.  In fact we had at least 3 conversations about the measurements of the table I purchased.  He clearly did not trust me to buy a table that would fit both the keyboard and the mouse next to each other.  Three very long conversations, probably the longest conversations I have had with him in months.

My husband also gave him his new office chair.  The chair is awesome & specially made for big & tall people – which he is clearly big & tall.  Recent trip to Dr- 6’3″ and he probably isn’t done!  My husband loved the chair but complained that the table was cheap and wobbly.  I was like so, he is currently using a tray table.

As an aside I tried to use the tray table that had his keyboard for his food but that was not acceptable.  I thought it was about change and made some comment to that effect.  He gave me a look and then slid his salt shaker across to the lip & stopped.  Oh duh, things don’t fall off as easily.  Okay keep the crappy tray table.

So all was well.

That night about 4 AM I wake up to “Mom! The table broke already”.  Insert more screaming and swearing as I drag my butt downstairs to get the tray table back for him.  Sigh

So I went looking online again and found this:



Again a few conversations while waiting for it to be shipped to us.  Here is the info in case you have similar issues.  I love how one person commented that it is like your own command center.  That is how I would feel but I am totally thinking about buying for work.  He loves it.  And when he takes the keyboard off he can play with the sides.  I wonder how long this one will last….



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