Trying New Foods

Trying New Foods

My son has extreme food issues. The textures, smells, visual, all of it causes him issues. He has a very short list of what he will eat and he always wants everything prepared a certain way. We went to France a few years ago and he still knows how to say chicken and French fries in French. It was the only way he survived.

He only eats these brownies:


My husband likes these and only these:


My husband kept trying to get my son to try his cakes. I am not sure why but it has been a whole thing for years.

The other day my husband was frantically looking for his other box of cakes. I cringed when he knocked on Sheldon’s door to ask him if he ate the cakes. Really? Do you want to be told how stupid you are by him yelling “of course I didn’t eat those dreadful things”.

Sheldon does not try new food. Ever. And especially not if we ask him too. So I braced for the sarcasm or some other yelling.

“Yes I ate them.”


My husband asked “did you like them?”

“No, not really”

Husband “where is the rest of the box?”

“I ate them just because”

Of course. Hmm has the teenage boy appetite won over? If so I hope we can get him to eat something like turkey or meatloaf or green beans!


  1. Lol funny, I will eat the gingerbread men and nothing else. At the start December I went to Target and got like 6 boxes of them, needless to say they didn’t last long.

  2. Ha! Well Sheldon was honest, at least. 🙂

    For the record, the Christmas Tree Cakes are my favorite.

  3. I like anything from Little Debbie. Cheap and delicious!

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