#Autism – please listen to adult autistics!

I had a few stories rattling around in my brain working on a potential blog post when I stopped in at pinterest. I love pinterest. If you haven’t checked it out yet you really should.  If you click on the P looking thing all the way up on right hand corner of blog you can see some of the awesomeness I have found recently.  Some of the stuff I must share here right now.

Leah and I and a rather large group of autism bloggers collaborate on a board.  Who knew you could even do that but make sure you follow that board here. It is not “my board” so even if you follow all of my boards you won’t follow that board.  But it is an awesome board.  If you don’t know Leah she blogs here and co-produced Vectors of Autism which was an awesome documentary by Laura.  They both rock on twitter by the way -another addiction I have by the way- not sure how I get anything done…

Anyways this morning Leah pinned (or repinned) these two most awesome youtube videos ever that must be shared far and wide.

The first one made me feel very, very proud. Because I am pretty sure that is Ari and he also rocks at advocating and recently spoke at the congressional hearing  on autism.  Because damn it our voices need to be heard.

This next video made me sad and proud all at the same time.  Watching it from the beginning I think wow some of those people really don’t get it. Wow yes, yes, the therapist running the group gets it…


Oh wait (very sad now) yes that happens EVERY SINGLE DAY everywhere.  I have seen these conversations occur in social media and in real life.  Parents get upset and say “it is my child I make the decisions” “what do you know you aren’t as autistic as my child”  Really?  As another autistic pointed out when do you ever compare any NT 5 year old to an NT 40 or 50 year old and say oh my child can’t do what you can do so obviously they never will.  That makes no sense at all.  Please please share widely and remember to listen to autistic adults.  They want only to help you and your child be the best autistic individual they can be.


  1. I truly do not have words for how much I appreciate your support, and for how grateful I am that we are working together to support neurodiversity and acceptance and understanding for varied ways of experiencing, perceiving, and responding to the world. I am honoured! Thank you, my friend!

    • I am super pleased to work with you on supporting neurodiversity & acceptance. You are such a wonderful person & supporter 🙂 Always happy to point out the wonderful work you do and share!!

  2. Oh, thanks, I was just thinking about that ad the other day. That is Ari, yes. He is a rock star!

    And I had completely forgotten about that other spot. Thanks for posting it! So great to see it again!

  3. I’ve been out of touch the last couple of months. We did home repairs that involved every room in my house. I broke my 4th left toe on the day they finished, so I have been slowly working at getting my house back in order.

    I do not plan to blog about autism this year. I promised my daughter I would spend more time volunteering with her. I also hope to find time to finish my second novel. My final Special-Ism post published on the 4th.

    I’m so glad you shared this. I think we all need to support each other. I will continue to share the Special-Ism posts and I plan to promote positive posts by those on the spectrum. Leah has been a shining example of how to do this. God Bless both of you.

    • Thank you for stopping by. I hope that you are doing well 🙂 Good luck on finishing your second novel. I have bought your first novel and it is in my pile of “must reads”. Reading hasn’t been happening for me much lately but it is definitely in the must read pile 🙂
      Thank you for all of your support and for sharing posts. Leah is a shining example of lots of things, and so are you. I am so pleased to have “met” both of you.

      • Mahalo for your kind words. Please write a review on Amazon and on bn.com after you read it. I’ll be in touch via FB, Twitter, and Pinterest. BTW I think you are amazing too.

  4. My personal autism story
    “As having Asperger myself i can with certainty say that based on my own experiences and those of my peers that Autism is a different state of consciousness which presents the world some symptoms making communication difficult.

    This different state of consciousness is obviously hard to describe to someone who doesn’t have it. One can just make an effort similar like explaining a color to a born blind person.”

  5. spectrumscribe says:

    Thank you for posting these two short video. I found them very uplifting. I particularly enjoyed the powerful reveal in the second video.

  6. Reblogged this on Appalachian aspie..

  7. Thank you so much for this. We ar epople. We are tragedies, we are not are not a disordor, we are people. Why don’t NT’s try to understand us?? I reposted this on my blog. And it will Be posted on Facebook too.

  8. Regarding the parents comments, I suspect that it’s not so much that we’re “not as autistic as their children,” it could be that they’re not ready to acknowledge that autistic adults exist. Doing so would mean acknowledging that their autistic children will become autistic adults, and that, really, for all the “Cure Autism” or whatever kind of messaging, autism will exist for their children’s whole lives. Even so, autistic voices need to be heard-I think it would greatly benefit autistic teens and autistic children and show them that we’re not alone and that in the end, everything will somehow be okay, even if we need more help with social skills and other aspects.

    • Great post Leah. I understand why some parents want to believe their children will be cured when they grow up. It’s a shame they are setting themselves and their children up for disappointment. When I told my father he looked away and said ‘no,you don’t’. They, my family knew when I was younger. They don’t realise I can remember them talking about it ion my presence. They dumped me and tried to and successfully did get rid of me so they did not have to deal with the problem, that being me. So now it is my duty to inform and educate just like your good self and others are doing. BTW I’m still struggling with being diferent or rather not NT.
      It’s been a long road to recovery.

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