Random events & thoughts including #Kitties

Random events & thoughts including #Kitties

(waves) Hi here I am!!

The break from social media was well needed. Every time I peeked, oh boy. I still want to share our stories and I will probably still voice my opinions, because well I am opinionated 🙂 but not sure will be “getting into it” with people or such stuff. It is so draining. Have seen two very distinct occurrences where everyone was wrong/right and everyone got hurt. And oh geez I just can’t revisit it.

Anyways so Saturday I woke up and thought I had a dream about batteries. The dream was my son came in during the middle of the night and asked for batteries and my husband said “We are sleeping, go to bed”.

This dream was vaguely similar to a night last week when he came in and told me that his desk was broken. I told him “I’m sleeping” and he started whining

Kitty Half Time Show!!!!

Oh sorry. anyways he started whining that he couldn’t do anything because the desk was broken. It was a whole discussion about

ahhhh look at the little siamese with white mittens….

how he couldn’t do anything on his computer. After a few back and forths he went back to his room, a bit confused about what to do.
Well, when it was his desk I found out in the morning it was not a dream since his desk was actually broken. So yesterday when I woke him up I told him about my dream. He pointed to his “nightlight”. Oh sorry. He said “it’s dim”. Okay I will get new batteries for it.

This morning I woke up and found him still awake and very, very crabby. He was upset he couldn’t sleep. He could not be consoled. I found a pen that he tore apart. And when I tried to talk to him about how to help him sleep he threw his spoon across the room. Sigh. He won’t take meds but wants to sleep at night. I keep telling him I take pills to sleep. There is no shame in it!!

I really hope tonight goes better but I doubt it.

Oh but the good news is I am completely stepping outside my comfort zone with my wonderful bags and selling 31.  Talk about stretching and reaching myself.  Have always wanted to do something like this but scared of failure & oh yeah that social stuff 😉

And here is a wonderful kitty modeling some of my awesome new stuff!!


And I even went to a Mary Kay Spa party put on by @thatgirl815 since she is also stepping outside her comfort zone & selling too.  All this time and we just learned we are practically neighbors. HAHA is great but that means we could have been drinking together last year at the #drunkaspieparty on New Years eve. Oh well, now we know!! And we can support each other in this new adventure!! Which was also coincidental that we embarked on this journey at same time.  Is great because both equally nervous & also really excited since new.  YAY!!

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