Photosensitivity? sensory issues? Whatever it is, it sucks.

Grrr I hate going to the eye doctor.  I dread it.  It is painful.  As my eye doctor says it is absolute torture for me.

I think the light is the worst part.

Or maybe being touched around my eyes.

Or maybe not being able to read after.

No it is really the light.  It is absolutely awful.

I would type more but I can bare see or read & it drives me nuts.

Just so aggravated, irritated and all around grumpy from being poked at, and that horrible light in my eye & now my vision is all messed up.

But I guess the good news is I don’t need bifocals.

Oh and my husband cleaned my house.

And my big kick off party is on Saturday 🙂

Alright I have lots of good things to be in good mood about.  But this just shows how much sensory issues can cause aggravation!


  1. Ugh I hate the eye doctors too! They shine LIGHTS in your EYES and expect you not to blink and ugh it sounds like we have the same issue with the eye doctor…

  2. Personally my least favorite is the dentist. I hate all the sounds of the friggin tools in my mouth and having people poke at my teeth and gums. I find that my sensory issues worsen when I’m in a bad mood.

    • Ugh it does suck. And they have a really hard time with the concept of mint being a sensory issue. I WILL melt down if they put mint in my mouth, and they don’t understand that.

  3. Haha my mother is an optician so I don’t have a choice in the matter but I can’t stand when they blow air in your eye. Nope. Touch my eye? Forget it! Bright lights in Aspie eyes will sour anyone’s mood 😉

  4. I find eye doctors tolerable up til they do the shiny light. The puff of air ,I’d rather not have it but… I have no other option.

    Dentist is the worst. And don’t get me started on going to the doctor’s or a hair salon. The wax paper on the doctor’s table and the prolonged personal space invasion at the hair salon… Nothing can make me willingly go to either.

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