Can’t hide from ignorance

GRRRR been hiding & trying to stay away from all the angst & drama of social media.   Been on facebook as my regular self but not in a lot of the discussions or debates about autism.  Been enjoying the break.  But there is really no break from advocating or from ignorance.

A friend posted a pic & saying of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory.  She posted it was for me.  I commented on it & a couple of friends liked it.  Then a friend of my friend posted a comment about how Sheldon isn’t a genius he is like Rain Man & actually stupid about the things that count.  EXCUSE YOU??  I couldn’t let it go.  I had to comment.  I apologized to my friend in the comment but I had to tell the other person how wrong they were.  How someone with Aspergers is just honest.  They don’t say bullshit things just because some stupid social rule says you are supposed to.

Like me- I can’t just do some polite bullshit & ignore the comment.  I can’t.  I read the comment & my blood boils.  Maybe if the picture hadn’t been posted tagging me I wouldn’t have seen his ignorant comment.  But I did.  And now I am aggravated.  There needs to be change & education.  Awareness, understanding, acceptance.  head-desk

I am not going to make it through April.  Already seeing posts in the facebook groups that are supposed to be laid back and fun- people doing fundraisers for Autism, for Autism Speaks.  Oh geez.  I may need to go silent on all social media in April.  As me and as Neo.  Sigh What will I do for a whole month?


  1. I understand. I step back from social media at the slightest provocation. I don’t have the spoons for drama. I need every bit of energy to raise my son and keep the household balanced. The ignorance hurts and sometime I want to scream at people. Hugs to you Neo. And support. And respect,

  2. I’m hearing you. Whilst I know little about Aspergers or Autism or all the variables there in, I try to learn and I certainly don’t preach. I do know about Down syndrome and am frustrated by “the awareness” issue all the time. Much of the effort that goes into raising awareness is actually wasted as it targets people within those communities. I believe we should be targeting mainstream communities with factual information instead. We should be targeting those who are not interested! And, if you are really desperate in April, come over and visit at my blog xo

  3. Hi there, hoping you are healing well.

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