I’m still here

I’m still here

Oh geez where to begin…
Anyone still here?!?

Medical – so they put some stent thing in some pancreatic duct thing because something wasn’t draining right. I really didn’t want to know. It has been exactly one year ago since this started. It has been a crazy ride. But I have learned so much. And yet I know I am not done learning. I guess life is one big lesson. Sigh. I am alive & I am so grateful to be alive. I am still in pain but they just did this latest procedure yesterday. I have felt worse so I am not really complaining. I can eat right now -yay!

Sheldon – wow he has been so loving & kind. Well okay he has his moments but overall he has been very sweet to me. He grew up & has learned a lot this year.

So I started this new business this year. Boy do I struggle. It is very hard to be an aspie in direct sales. When am I crossing the line. Be persistent but don’t be a stalker. That is hard. I actually do really well with selling. I do pretty good at booking parties. I do well at the parties because I am obsessed. So I can talk about how awesome the bags are. People appreciate me helping them & that is awesome. They appreciate the free stuff. I love the fundraising piece too. I can do a fundraiser party & write a check to an organization without having to budget the money. I just show up, do a few hours talking about the bags I love, get lots of sales & write a check equal to my commission. It is amazing to be able to do that. So why do I focus on not finding a lot of people to join my team. I can’t say no one because my one friend signed up & she is doing well. I just focus on the negative. Of course I do! And then I dwell on it instead of looking at all the pluses.

I hate when I do that. It is not my favorite trait about myself. I need to focus on how much I love what I am doing. If no one else wants to do it that is their loss. So I need to find a way of telling people how awesome it is without it sounding stalkerish.

By the way I can do online/Facebook parties anywhere in USA so let me know if you are interested in any awesome stuff that I sell! Is great organizing totes! I would love to do a giveaway on your blog or maybe fundraiser for your cause. Or help you get started on my team so you can do your own fundraisers. It really is easy work. My only negative with it is when i get down on myself. I am just never good enough for myself.

They Also purses although I am not too into purses. But organizing – definitely. See my lovely model? I have a Facebook group here where I play games & post specials. I can do this, yes I can!

Love you all & hope to be blogging more now that my health is doing a bit better. It feels better when I “talk” about it. So thanks for “listening” (hugs)




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