It has, again, been a rough few months with my health. They ended up doing “major surgery” early August to hopefully, finally resolve the issue. Whatever. Every time I wake up I am thankful. When I can eat or actually function I am extra thankful.

Anyways I went to a friends house for facial with a neighbor. We have lived here for about 7-8 years. The neighbors have always been very kind to Sheldon. The day of my surgery we asked them to come over and drop off lunch for Sheldon.

Yesterday the neighbor decided to ask me about Sheldon because he doesn’t come outside. And she then told me how odd his behavior was when lunch was dropped of for him. I knew what he does. I didn’t need her to tell me. He hid in his room. He yelled down to the neighbor but he didn’t come great him. “Don’t you think that is odd?” She asked me. “That’s Sheldon” both me and @thatgirl815 (I think that is still her handle on twitter) answered.

I tried to explain all the sensory and social issues, the stims. But doctors don’t understand, teachers don’t understand, how are neighbors to understand.

@thatgirl815 and I both chuckled about how Sheldon was forced to interact with people lately. Everyone wants to see him but he is always in his room. He recently tripped & broke his arm & twisted his knee. He had to spend a lot of time in the family room. People were stopping by to see me so they would go talk to him. All were people who know him well enough to only say a few words, he would say a few words and then they would leave him in peace.

Now that his immobilizer and cast is off he is hiding in his room. Coughing, coughing, coughing. About 2? 3? Months ago we all had bronchitis. Think previous post was about how good he was about taking his antibiotics. Well when the round finished he was still coughing. Took him back. I even mentioned perhaps it was just a habit cough. The doctor said that wouldn’t happen and gave him more antibiotics. Sheldon took maybe 2 then refused. Yeah. Pretty sure he doesn’t have bronchitis. Habit? Stim? I don’t know.

So this person that called his behavior odd was asking about his future. I don’t know but when people who have known my sweet child & spoken highly of him for years feel the need to tell me his behavior is odd it doesn’t really give me warm, fuzzy feelings about his future. @thatgirl815 & I were trying to explain how we try to teach the world but it is such an uphill battle. It really is. I see my son getting better with adjusting to things. He did pretty well with the whole ER trip. Even when the ortho dr at a children’s hospital clearly did not understand autism either. Yeah, uphill battle is an understatement.

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