A glimpse

Earlier this week @thatgirl815 was struggling with issues at the school district. She just needed to vent and discuss with someone that understood. She talked about how as parents we often just need to talk to someone who understands. Someone that will tell us everything will be okay.

I went to a college campus today as a vendor. This is very hard for me but I have found that doing direct sales is really helping me to get out of my shell. I am so thankful for that. I started selling thirty one because I love the bags but it has become so much more. And now I have goals & wow I would love to work with any of you – fundraising, your Christmas shopping, helping you get out of your shell. Just let me know, I love to talk about it.. I could go on & on clearly…

Anyways it was really neat to go to my old college. The campus, the feel of it. Just something about it. It is relaxed & liberal and accepting. Such a mix of people and all just Living and being. I was really enjoying watching the students.

And then I saw him.

A young man, built similar to my son, walked by oblivious to the people. He was playing with a choke chain in his hand (fidgeting as my som would). I said hi & he said hi. I asked him what his major is. And then I struck up a conversation with him about his major. I asked him if he liked college. He said yes. And then I asked if he liked it better than high school. He told me he didn’t go to school. Then clarified he was homeschooled. Everything about him, his mannerisms, his speech patterns, it was like speaking to my son. How could I ask? So when he said he was homeschooled… “My son is homeschooled too, he has Aspergers”. His face changed “I do too!” I said “I thought so, you remind me of him”. He nodded and walked away. I yelled out “I’m glad you like it here and good luck”. He yelled back “thank you” & stills seemed happy.

I felt the tears. My son. I had read they have good accommodations at this school. My son and I have even discussed he wants to go to that school. We have gone to events there. It just feels relaxed & accepting. It really could work for him someday when he is ready.

It was a great day and I was so glad for someone to say “it’s going to be okay”


  1. @thatgirl815 says:

    @thatgirl815 loves knowing someone is there, understands and was clearly able to help me sleep that night knowing it was going to be ok!!!!

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