Impossible not to Fight

Impossible not to Fight

When my health issues started last year I lost some of the will to fight. Fight for my life, yes. Fight with people about what the right thing is day in and day out… Lost or maybe just too tired and concerned about my health. I hated fighting at work. I could see things going wrong but I laid down the sword. I went back to using my real name online.

Sure I posted some things on my regular Facebook. Items about marriage equality, anti bullying, and acceptance of autism. But I mostly stay low key about my causes.

But that just isn’t me.

Had a long discussion Friday about how some things got to where they are today. Honestly we both determined that I should not have made some changes to try to please others. Stuff kinda came off the rail as I lost that fight.

And then at my fun job the autism discussions have started. The company is offering ribbons on bags starting oct 1. That is awesome – cancer survivors and anyone else with a cause can put a ribbon on their bag or purse in solidarity. Well the embroidery machine will only do one color. So then what about autism? There is no puzzle piece ribbon. But then there is such disdain over the puzzle piece. Depends how you interpret it. So what solid color? Blue? With, some people suggested, light it up blue, underneath. GAG! But I couldn’t deny that blue is often associated with autism. But I really struggled because I wanted a ribbon. The multicolor infinity sign not an option.

I went with blue with “acceptance” underneath. As consultants we could pre-order one item with a ribbon. The discussion came up again today and I posted mine. Someone commented about getting “missing pieces” embroidered underneath. Oh hell no. I explained that my son is not missing pieces & that is actually why autistics do not like the puzzle piece. I said I don’t want to fight – I know where to have that fight. That fight wages on daily. But asked them to please pick a positive message. I really hope they do.

I actually love my acceptance ribbon, whether someone thinks it is anti-bullying or autism – Acceptance is key! Can’t wait till October 1 to order on other items!.



  1. Beautiful!!! Hey, Neo, what are your “health issues”?? (please pm if you don’t feel comfortable publicly discussing). I am very intrigued (slash scared) by what i see (as does the NYTimes) as “inflammation/autoimmune/spectrum” links (NOT that I am looking for a cure or all that, no) – our family is much like yours – self-aspie mom and diagnosed aspie son and i have rheumatoid…Thanks!!!!

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