Saga of the Desk II

If you are a parent, especially an autism parent you cringe when you hear “I think we need to replace this”. Well honestly my son didn’t use to say those words. We have come far. Sometimes I just heard something go flying or the outburst. But this time he said those words. I have had to replace so many thing… So many, really, really expensive things.

Outbursts, he threw stuff, he broke stuff. It was just what happened.

So to calmly hear those words is a gift.

To hear those words almost a year after buying something – yay!

Bonus – not even that expensive.

Because of this blog I was able to go back and see how long it has been. Buying this desk was a whole process to begin with. Soon after we bought it he broke the hinges. The sides flip up but he kept flipping them.. A fidget. So they broke but my husband fixed that. But now they are broken. And the plastic desk part is cracked. I don’t know how that happened. Sometimes I just don’t ask.

But yay they had on amazon. Here is link especially for all you awesome people on twitter who have tweeted me possible solutions. Even recently because you recently found my blog. You all rock & I’m sorry I am not on there more frequently.

Working on getting healthy to be able to fight more.

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