I am so aggravated at the moment.  I just can’t stand being in situations where I have no control.  I see wrong things occurring and I can’t do anything about it.  When I do what I think is right it just backfires.  I just can’t win.  I can’t say much more. 

In situations like this, especially once you realize you can’t do anything – I can’t keep fighting.  It just exhausts and aggravates me…. the options are 1) accept what is & deal with it.  2) move on.  I am struggling to do number 1.  I really am, my family needs me to.  But like I told a friend tonight buy a bag to help me with my long term plan.  It might be a really long term plan.  I might not even ever leave.  It might always be my fun thing on the side.  Something just for me.  But I need to just put my energy in things I enjoy. 


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