It is not okay

It is not okay

I started to write a post on my Facebook page – personal page, as me. I could feel myself getting angry. I want to scream “WHY DON’T YOU GET IT?” This time it is about – why in the hell do you think A&Es sanctions again Phil are a violation of freedom of speech??

It was this picture that was in my time that got me so upset again


So true! And that is what burns my ass about this whole thing. Yep he is a backwoods, redneck – that is the charm of the show. I guess I am not surprised he feels that way. He also made some racially charged comments too. All were wrong and inappropriate. So A&E said they were suspending. That is their right as an employer. It wouldn’t be genuine if he apologized, he can’t say he didn’t mean it. He meant it. But did he have to be so offensive? And I don’t care what anyone thinks they know…

The first amendment gives the right to free speech & they didn’t intervene. And they don’t have to protect his right when offensive. Even if hiding behind religion. Which by the way I like my Jesus better – he was nicer and loved all. He provided food and clothing to the poor and helped people. Another damn thing that keeps popping up. How people shouldn’t receive assistance. Wow so great you are to have never needed help. I don’t follow catholic stuff very much because they are usually so extreme but from what I see the new pope actually preaches about helping people. I hope that over time these people spewing hate and hiding behind this mean “Jesus” will wake up and quit being such assholes.

Love and acceptance for all! Love they neighbor as yourself and don’t be so judgemental. And I already know some asshole is going to say I am being judgemental against people. Yep I am judgemental against cold hearted, self entitled, assholes that think it is okay for abusing someone or shunning them because of the color of their skin, or the love they have, or because they are not as well off as you. Yep, you got me there. But you are welcome home for Christmas, you can go wherever you want, you have hot food and a place to sleep, no one is going to beat you up for your beliefs so I don’t think what I say here matters.

But what Phil, a public figure, that tons of young kids look up to, MATTERS! What that kid sees, his mom defending him, MATTERS! People still send vile, evil messages to people for being different. And you have now said that is okay! It is not okay! And some people don’t stop with words. It is not okay.


  1. i really agree with you. the ‘freedom of speech’ argument should NOT protect people when their speech is condoning hate or violence towards a certain group (no matter what group really) and in NO WAY is their self-inflicted ‘suffering’ (like losing a really well paid, and fun job..oh well, i am not worried for their future really…) can be compared to what actual victims suffer every day as a result of this type of public – and often unpunished – careless talk …

  2. @thatgirl815 says:

    Still praying for the day where can all love and be loved for who we are: God’s children. All of us. No color, no religion, no straight, no gay. PEOPLE, the children of God.

  3. Excellent post! You are right. It is not okay. The US Constitution does not guarantee freedom of hate speech. Nor does it guarantee freedom of hate crimes or freedom of hate laws, like the one that just got vetoed in Arizona.

    It is very respectable that you take on the issue of bullying, especially in the autism world where bullying is such a problem. And you do not turn a blind and apathetic eye toward it like most people do. There are very few people like you.

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