Love Hate Puzzle pieces and blue

I hate Autism speaks and everything they stand for.  I get it why the puzzle piece is offensive.  I really do.  The whole blue thing irritates me- I am dreading april.  Your blue lights do nothing for my child.  And cram your cure, scare-tactics agenda up your ass!!

But yesterday I was at an event.  Just a community event.  I was there to network with people for my business.  Hard enough for me but I notice a lot of people wear necklaces with meaning.  I noticed a paw print necklace and we had a lovely chat about our furbabies. 

I noticed a blue puzzle piece necklace.  As much as I hate Autism Speaks.  I knew what that necklace meant.  I asked who they were wearing it for and we had a lovely chat about his grandson.  I could offer encouragement about how the melt downs will get better.  I could provide support & understanding about how hard it is to fight with the school.  I loved that I could have a few moments with this person.  Maybe they needed encouragement from someone.  Maybe they needed to hear that love and patience is really best and no they are not crazy- the schools suck at providing the appropriate supports.  Love your grandson for who he is.  But I only knew to have this conversation because of that damn blue puzzle piece.


  1. mrshipson says:

    Why do you hate Autism Speaks?

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  3. I don’t like Autism Speaks, but I do like the puzzle image (not so much the single-puzzle-piece) just because to me it represents unique people coming together to form a community (a puzzle is ultimately a complete picture formed out of many unique parts).
    Here’s something about how Autism Speaks didn’t invent the puzzle thing:
    I think it’s a bit sad that the blue puzzle piece Autism Speaks logo is the thing that is so widely recognised as a symbol of autism, but I’m glad that it gave you a chance to talk to someone. I always find it difficult to start conversations like that.

  4. I kind of like the puzzle piece, only because someone told me that it was originally not created by Autism Speaks at all, but by one of the first autism organizations in the world, who chose it just because it was different. All the other organizations already had a color, so they picked a puzzle piece. To me it means that all of us are a much needed piece of the puzzle of life. If you get rid of autism, there will be lots of important puzzle pieces missing!

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